True Water is the leading industry provider of site-specific wastewater treatment solutions throughout Australia and the Pacific.

Implementing sewage infrastructure delivery requires detailed planning. Our team provide specialist project management services to clients with household, commercial, and community requirements. We take responsibility for every project phase; from consultancy and regulatory approvals, to design, installation, and maintenance.

True Water uses a common sense, collaborative, and communicative approach to engineering end-to-end infrastructure that meets all environmental, financial, and operational objectives. Over the last 15 years, we have secured more than 2,000 government approvals for our technology, which has a combined treatment capacity of five million litres per day.


To deliver sewage and wastewater treatment infrastructure that best addresses the interests of current and future generations.


People. Water. Environment. Through comprehensive management of wastewater, True Water aims to protect the natural environment, safeguard public health, and improve quality of life.

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