Fraser Island, QLD




Design and construct STP

A highly contested Design and Construct contract for sewage treatment on Fraser Island awarded by QLD National Parks. The contract included decommission of the existing system and delivery of a new wastewater treatment plant. The infrastructure services the Dundubara Campgrounds and Rangers Station which are located adjacent to the pristine beach. The location of the project presented logistical challenges for delivery of the project. This includes restricted and intermittent access to site, and limited availability of trades and utilities on the island.

World Heritage listed K’gari (formerly Fraser Island) requires strict environmental standards be adhered to. The treatment plant is located within 100m of the Pacific Ocean and is required to perform consistently under adverse climatic conditions. Robust and consistent treatment performance was essential to meet the strict environmental requirements for Fraser Island. Due to the seasonal occupancy fluctuations, wastewater volumes vary greatly throughout the year.

True Water designed a wastewater management system utilising a Kubota HC-Z sewage treatment plant with the ability to manage variations in flow capacities and quality. Importantly, the plant selected uses simple yet reliable processes to achieve performance and reliability outcomes. The project delivery required a strong logistics strategy, easily mobilised components, thorough planning, and an experienced team to complete.


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