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Our wastewater treatment systems are meticulously designed to demonstrate superior performance, environmental sustainability, unrivalled lifecycle benefits, and minimal operating costs.



True Water is your one-stop wastewater shop. This means you only deal with one entity for design, consultancy and approvals, supply, manufacture, and system installation.

Are you building a new home, renovating an existing property, or upgrading a failed system? Homeowners located in areas without municipal sewage connections are required by law to install an onsite sewage system that will treat and dispose of household wastewater within the property boundaries. This can include a primary septic tank, an aerated Home Sewage Treatment Plant (HSTP), an Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS), and the effluent dispersal method within a designated Land Application Area (LAA). 

You must obtain council approval before installing or altering an onsite sewage management system; applications are lodged through the NSW Government Planning Portal. Depending on your local council regulations, you will have to either submit an Effluent Management Report (EMR), an Onsite Wastewater Management Application, or an On-Site Sewage Management (OSSM) Report.

True Water facilitates the whole process to ensure the best outcomes for your home. We provide a professional assessment of your site-specific requirements, and site constraints, and design a system to suit your home and budget. Our reputation is built on delivering high-quality, robust, and reliable wastewater solutions with state-of-the-art components built to last.

True Water designs long-term solutions that surpass regulatory requirements and outperform rival products.

When designing solutions, we carefully consider several factors, including the property’s environmental characteristics and regulatory requirements. Property size, land slope, soil type, permeability, water table depth, proximity to watercourses, and weather conditions are all assessed.

These factors, along with the property’s distance to boundaries and buildings, and the proposed number of bedrooms, determine the system’s size and layout. Additionally, our systems are always designed to handle peak flow, which occurs when all household fixtures are used simultaneously.

We are renowned for delivering solutions for tricky sites that both comply with regulations and meet the needs of our clients. Regardless of whether your home site is located in a flood zone, on the side of a cliff, on a large farm, or on a tiny lot, we will find you the best wastewater solution.

Invest in the right infrastructure for your home with confidence.

True Water has an extensive knowledge of Australian household wastewater regulations. We also have long-standing and strong industry relationships with builders, architects, regulators, and local councils. Our environmental consultants engage with property owners and builders to perform a site-specific project assessment.

This free-of-charge evaluation is pivotal to completing an onsite Effluent Management Report (EMR) which is submitted as part of an application for Onsite Wastewater Management. This is a vital step in the approvals process when submitting a Development Application (DA) as part of a new build, renovation, or change of use. This essential data helps the council review your proposed onsite management system and its potential impacts on the natural environment and public health.

Understanding home sewage management can be a stressful experience. Our design and consultancy experience guarantees that clients receive independent, scientific, and balanced advice, based on an intimate knowledge of local government areas and regulations.

True Water has designed and installed more than one thousand site-specific household systems; prioritising system quality, performance, and dependability in all recommendations. We are committed to helping you to make an informed investment decision regarding a wastewater solution that protects the health of your family, safeguards the environment, and upholds the value of your property.



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