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True Water achieve national milestone of 800 Fuji Clean installs

True Water install over 800 Fuji Clean Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

We are excited to announce that True Water has officially completed a milestone 800 Fuji Clean home wastewater system installs. That’s around an 1/8th of all Fuji Clean household systems Australia wide. And more satisfied homeowners than any other wastewater supplier in Australia.

The majority of our home sewage treatment plant installs use the Fuji Clean system as part of a complete domestic wastewater treatment solution. These systems are designed in Japan for Australian conditions and manufactured on QLD’s Gold Coast. Our Design & Consultancy team are able to specify a reduced size for the Land Application Area due to the consistent high quality of treatment.

True Water have installed over 850 Fuji Clean sewage treatment plants of various size and applications. This includes Australia’s largest Fuji Clean commercial sewage treatment plant.

“True Water Australia have been a shining light in upholding and representing the International Brand Fuji Clean Co. True Water Australia understand the importance of providing efficient reliable products that not only protect the environment but also offer safe and practical waste water treatment for all domestic purposes. Together making your home safer, greener and cleaner - Fuji Clean and True Water."

Fuji Clean Australia

Why True Water choose Fuji Clean for home sewage treatment

The Fuji Clean system efficiently converts domestic wastewater to eco-friendly treated water. This includes wastewater generated in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, as well as sewage from toilets. The systems have no internal moving parts and use a highly developed bacterial digestive procedure to enhance the treatment process. This advanced treatment process achieves safer water by removing large amounts of contaminants and nutrients.  Therefore it cleaner treated water protects your property and the environment.

Fuji Clean’s domestic systems are small and lightweight. This guarantees easy installation and additional cost savings. The advanced treatment process requires very little electricity and produces high quality treated water. With regular scheduled maintenance by a qualified service technician, each system will continue to operate for years to come.

Every aspect of the Fuji Clean treatment system is carefully designed to optimise performance. Fuji Clean have a long record of proven performance and reliability. This guarantees homeowners safe water and hassle free operation. Each system is backed with an industry leading 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on the tank. In addition, they provide a 2-year warranty on electrical components.

Visit the Fuji Clean website for more information on their sewage treatment plants.

A leader in the wastewater treatment industry

Fuji Clean Co Ltd. was established in 1961. The company have continuously developed their range of wastewater treatment technologies over the past 50 years. To date, Fuji Clean have installed over 2 million Johkasou and are an industry leader for domestic sewage treatment systems in Australia.

Polluted waterways and increasing demand for flushable toilets in Japan helped push the industry towards a higher standard for onsite wastewater treatment. The Japanese Government implemented standards that forced manufacturers to upgrade and develop their treatment processes and systems. The result was a single compact onsite wastewater treatment system. It is designed to treat all household wastewater to a quality safe enough to discharge directly into the stormwater drainage system (unlike Australia, Japan do not have the physical space for a land application).

Now operating globally (Asia, Australia, USA & EU), Fuji Clean continue to work towards providing everyone with access to the most reliable & cost effective system for onsite wastewater treatment.

Director of True Water James Mahoney travels Japan with the heads of the Fuji Clean Overseas Business Division in 2012.

Director of True Water James Mahoney travels Japan with the heads of the Fuji Clean Overseas Business Division in 2012.


The True Water Solution

True Water have worked with Fuji Clean as a preferred supplier since Fuji Clean started trading in Australia in 2008. Regardless of the project’s size or location, our experienced Domestic Consultancy team can provide the most cost effective, high quality solution that meets the most stringent environmental requirements.

Our team chooses to work with Fuji Clean as a market leader in domestic onsite wastewater treatment in Australia. As a result, we provide unmatched outcomes to all of our clients through our ongoing commitment to quality.

True Water continues to deliver the highest quality Domestic Sewage Treatment systems to homes throughout Northern New South Wales. We look forward to reaching the next milestone.

Fuji Clean has identified True Water Australia as a leader in onsite wastewater treatment, installation and maintenance in Australia. After careful consideration and strong market knowledge, Fuji Clean has chosen True Water Australia to distribute, install and maintain Fuji Clean systems in Australia.

Dr. Toshiro Otowa - General Manager, Overseas Business Division, Fuji Clean Co. Ltd.