Wastewater Consultancy

Small towns, rural, and remote communities, face significant infrastructure challenges. Isolation to major networks, and the likelihood of redundancy or asset failure, is compounded by high construction costs. Our proven wastewater technologies can assist these communities to successfully meet economic challenges, build resilience, and improve quality of life. 


We develop strong and trusted relationships with industry-leading wastewater multinationals, planning authorities, regulators, and key industry decision-makers.

True Water undertakes detailed feasibility assessments to examine and consider all technical, economic, financial, legal, and environmental aspects. This includes installation cost, component quality, running costs, maintenance, longevity and the possibility of power outages, environmental considerations, and regulatory requirements.

The information is then interrogated and used to provide you with a cost-effective solution. Our proven wastewater technologies secure capital and operational savings during every stage of the infrastructure lifecycle. We guarantee that your project complies with environmental regulations. This involves the preparation, coordination, and submission of wastewater management plans and licence applications that comprise the utmost legislative integrity.

Our environmental consultants resolve complex problems with common sense, collaboration, and communication.

Our team works methodically through each individual consideration to secure the best outcome across every aspect of every project. This can include capital and operational costs, scalability, longevity, reliability, automation, operation and maintenance requirements, reliable monitoring, fail safes, noise and odour impact, minimising footprint, maximising water reuse and elimination of critical failure points.

True Water then works collaboratively with your team, and stakeholders, throughout project implementation and beyond. This approach achieves the most viable, operationally secure, and environmentally responsible outcomes for your project.

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