True Water prioritises environmental protection, public health, and the well-being of present and future generations in all its endeavours.

The foundation of this commitment is our Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS). This comprehensive system serves as a guiding framework for every facet of operations; from resource allocation to everyday business practices. A core principle of the IEMS is the incorporation of its three tenets of sustainability: economic viability, environmental preservation, and social equity.

By utilising advanced protocols like the Best Available Technique and Technology (BATT) and Safety in Design (SID), the IEMS ensures that all procedures remain at the forefront of safety and innovation. With its risk-based perspective, the IEMS effectively navigates the complexities of site-specific wastewater infrastructure management.

The overarching goal of the IEMS is comprehensive.

It seeks to construct and manage wastewater systems that not only respect the natural environment and public health but also align with the aspirations of both current and upcoming generations. This all-encompassing management structure seamlessly blends True Water’s mission with the daily operations, processes, and culture; ensuring the protection of people, water, and the environment at every step.

The IEMS framework goes beyond mere compliance. It acts as a practical blueprint to uphold the company’s general duty of care and ensures it remains in line with all pertinent laws, regulations, and standards. This dedication to excellence is further underscored by True Water’s certification in multiple international standards set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). This embraces quality, environmental, occupational health, and safety management systems.

True Water’s IEMS is not just a system, but a testament to our unwavering dedication to sustainability, safety, and excellence. It sets high expectations for wastewater infrastructure management and associated practices.

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