Home Sewage Treatment Plant – Advanced Secondary Treatment

Modern homes use a Household Sewage Treatment Plant (HSTP) for their wastewater treatment.

HSTP is a wastewater system that provides much higher levels of treatment than traditional septic tank systems. Nowadays, most properties require HSTP which provides advanced secondary treatment due to modern regulations and safety standards.

These systems are also known as Secondary Treatment Systems (STS) and Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS). These self-contained units are designed to produce treated wastewater at a secondary level in line with the Australian Standards.

Wastewater from your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and toilet flows to the HSTP where it undergoes several stages of treatment. The treated water is then pumped to the land application area (LAA) in your garden for dispersal. These systems are compact and reliable, designed intelligently with an efficient engineering process, and they work quietly in your garden to protect your family and home.


True Water specialises in supplying and installing cutting-edge secondary wastewater systems.

If you are constructing a new home, replacing an old system, or expanding your existing home, you will need a Home Sewage Treatment Plant (HSTP). These compact, advanced, and lightweight systems are designed to operate efficiently and minimise environmental footprint.

These systems use biological treatment to achieve a high level of treated effluent. Typically, they consist of several chambers that provide primary separation and settlement, anaerobic or aerobic digestion by bacteria, clarification, and disinfection.

Homeowners have a wide range of options for secondary treatment systems, including reed beds, worm farm systems, constructed wetlands, separate greywater treatment, and sand filters.

True Water specialises in site-specific domestic wastewater treatment and assists you in selecting the most appropriate solution for your home requirements. We collaborate with you at every stage of your project. Our team of professional installers ensures that your system is installed correctly and lasts for many years.

True Water install a Fuji Clean onsite wastewater system for a home in Byron Bay under the authority of the local council.

The state-of-the-art ACE1200 system by FujiClean.

True Water specialises in installing industry-leading domestic wastewater treatment systems, and products, suited to your site-specific home environment. It is this combination of quality products and expert knowledge that has allowed us to remain leaders in the household wastewater treatment market.

We have been working with FujiClean, as a preferred supplier, since their establishment in Australia in 2008. FujiClean manufactures ACE1200 domestic water treatment systems made from fibre-reinforced plastic, making them lightweight, durable, and compact. This results in easy installation and additional cost savings.

The advanced treatment process requires minimal electricity and produces high-quality treated water. With regular maintenance by a qualified service technician, each system can continue to operate for many years.

FujiClean has a long-standing reputation for reliability and proven performance; each component of the ACE1200 treatment system has been carefully crafted to suit Australian conditions to optimise performance. This guarantees homeowners safe water and hassle-free operation.

Each system comes with an industry-leading 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on the tank, as well as a two-year warranty on electrical components. The ACE1200 advanced treatment process produces high-quality treated water, protecting the health of your family, safeguarding the environment, and upholding the value of your property.


The ACE1200 has undergone 50-plus-years continuing research and development.


The advanced treatment process saves electricity, minimises maintenance, and produces high-quality treated water.


No internal moving parts means no homeowner interaction is required.


Manufactured for Australian weather means reduced energy footprint, power consumption, and power bills.

Safety and Simplicity

High-quality water treatment protects the health of your family and safeguards the surroundign environment.


Compact, lightweight, odourless, and inaudible technology upholds the amenity and value of your property.

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