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Primary septic tank with ETA beds


Consult, design, and construct HSTP

True Water was recently engaged by a reputed principal contractor to provide an onsite wastewater treatment system in a location not serviced by a municipal sewage connection. The head contractor, Little Gem Nursery, located on the New South Wales (NSW) Far North Coast, was proposing the construction of a new two-bedroom granny flat. However, the existing sewage treatment system could not cope with an additional wastewater load and council approval was required to service the secondary dwelling.

To begin with, we conducted a site visit to evaluate the property and explore possible options. The property in question boasted ample space, and quality soils, and was situated at a safe distance from any waterways. After careful consideration, we concluded that installing a basic septic tank system would be the most effective solution, given that it only had a secondary dwelling. Septic tank systems connected to ETA bed disposal areas, and the open spaces between nursery plants provide an ideal location for the Land Application Area. Nowadays, regulation and site constraints often restrict the use of septic tanks. A secondary, or aerated, treatment system is needed instead. But when the site is suitable, a septic tank system can still be a good solution.

Council application for onsite sewage treatment

The next step involved producing the report for the development application. An Effluent Management Report, a Wastewater Report, and an OSSM Report all refer to the same thing. Our team includes environmental scientists who take pride in producing exceptional reports that provide detailed information on the development, the property, and environmental conditions. The appropriate size and type of wastewater system are determined based on these factors and council regulations.

The application process with the council was swift and seamless, allowing the project to proceed to the construction phase. We maintained communication with the primary contractor to coordinate the septic tank installation during construction. Builders often find it easier for us to install the tank towards the end of the building process. This allows them more space to move around without the tank obstructing their work.

The light weight septic tank and ETA beds were installed within the existing landscaping without damage to the established plants.

Supply and installation of primary septic for granny flat

Septic tanks are available in various sizes depending on the number of people who may reside on a property. Since the dwelling only had two bedrooms, a smaller tank was sufficient. Our team installed a 3,000-litre septic tank and 60m2 ETA beds. The nursery had existing plants growing that they didn’t want to move. Our team designed ETA beds that are seamlessly integrated with the plants and blend into the landscape after installation.



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