True Water began as a family-owned and operated water specialist business, evolving into a multinational that provides comprehensive wastewater infrastructure to a diverse portfolio of clients.


Our expert team comprises highly skilled mechanical draftsmen, Army and Air Force-trained engineers, environmental consultants, scientists, irrigation specialists, and service technicians.

We take pride in our unrivalled project management capabilities, underpinned by our industry knowledge, and specialist consultancy services. Our commitment to ethical practices, community engagement, and budget and schedule adherence make us the ideal choice for your project’s success.

“Our wastewater infrastructure is backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and a project-specific performance guarantee.”

Dale James | General Manager

Dale holds a Bachelor of Business (Management) degree and a Master of Accounting degree. He is responsible for developing and reviewing overarching corporate operating policies, processes, strategies, guidelines, practices, procedures, and systems in consultation with the True Water Group Board and major stakeholders.

He aligns operational policies with infrastructure project management. Knowledge of accrual accounting methods, organisational design, and business development ensures that the True Water Group complies with relevant laws, regulations, ethical standards, and best practices.

Dale oversees project management, coordinating procurement, distribution, advocacy, negotiation, and stakeholder management. He focuses on delivering improved business performance through change management; inclusive of stakeholder relations for greenfield developments, and liaising with state governments on environmental licensing, planning requirements, and essential service compliance.





True Water resolves complex problems with common sense, collaboration, and communication.”

James Mahoney | Director Design and Consultancy

James is an expert in designing and installing site-specific wastewater systems, with over 30 years of experience. He has extensive knowledge of competing and emerging wastewater technologies; making him responsible for conducting due diligence on all True Water Group proposals, plans, and designs for wastewater treatment systems.

His technical understanding of legislation, regulatory standards, and environmental management practices sees him play a critical role in leading environmental assessments, drafting reports, and preparing advanced wastewater license application packages for all levels of government.

James manages complex projects, inclusive of project scoping, design, and construction. Furthermore, he engages consultants and regulators when advocating for innovative environmental, public health, and business outcomes.


“Dedicated and continued investment in research, and development, guarantees world-leading technology that demonstrates quality, performance, and reliability.” 

Daniel Mahoney | Director Works and Services

Daniel is qualified in engineering and mechanical engineering. He possesses extensive knowledge of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, monitoring, and communication systems. Daniel’s primary responsibility is to oversee the fabrication, delivery, and management of wastewater infrastructure.

Additionally, Daniel manages all operational activities for the True Water Group and its subsidiaries. This includes coordinating a team of technicians and implementing strategic organisational workplace health and safety policies. It is his responsibility to ensure compliance with all associated regulatory monitoring and reporting.

His Australian Defence Force experience sees him provide specialist engineering advice and support to both internal and external project team members related to strategy, planning, design, and delivery activities aimed at improving business, customer, and environmental outcomes. This includes the implementation of cost-effective new engineering technologies and system innovations.




“True Water’s ISO certified technologies, and detailed project management, ensure high-quality project outcomes with minimal time required for onsite installation.”

Mitch Pippin | Project Superintendent


Mitch oversees the planning, procurement, contract management, design, construction, and project management functions of all infrastructure delivered by True Water Group and its subsidiaries.

Considerable Australian Royal Navy service has equipped him with experience in mechanical engineering and leadership. His primary responsibilities involve coordinating a team of skilled technicians to manage multiple maintenance and operational tasks; ensuring that all staff, subcontractors, and stakeholders adhere to strict organisational workplace health and safety policies.

Additional duties include executing regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting, along with monitoring contractors and suppliers to ensure the efficient and effective provision of needed goods or services within budgetary limits.

“Our technicians regularly undertake compulsory maintenance training to provide our clients the highest-quality service and operational security after project handover.” 

Dale Farley | Maintenance Manager

Dale is an experienced maintenance fitter with qualifications in engineering, marine operations, and fluid power. Having served in the Royal Australian Navy, Dale has experience in coordinating the prevention of maintenance and breakdown repairs in compliance with state and federal legislation, occupational health safety and welfare, and applicable national standards.

His primary responsibility is to manage the maintenance of wastewater treatment systems managed by True Water Group and its subsidiaries. This includes commissioning, operating, planning and scheduling asset maintenance deadlines for the organisation’s domestic and international infrastructure network.

Additionally, Dale prepares and submits budget estimates, progress, and cost-tracking reports. He directs and supervises operations and maintenance workers, including subcontractors. This involves prioritising the health and well-being of himself and others by demonstrating leadership in safe workplace health and safety practices consistent with True Water Group policy.

“True Water is your one-stop wastewater shop. This means you only deal with one entity for consultancy, manufacture, installation, and operation.”

Peter Brossman | Senior Site Consultant

Peter is responsible for managing True Water’s household wastewater projects. He takes a solution-based approach to planning on-site wastewater management and effluent dispersal options. Peter oversees the entire consultancy process, coordinating council approval, supply, and installation of wastewater treatment systems (WWTS).

To ensure clients receive site-specific solutions, Peter conducts thorough property and project assessments. He has extensive knowledge of Australian household wastewater regulations and prioritises recommending high-quality, dependable, and long-lasting systems that demonstrate superior performance.

Peter provides clients with independent, scientific, and evidence-based information. He maintains strong industry relationships with builders, architects, regulators, and local councils; communicating at all project phases to coordinate strict budgetary requirements and delivery deadlines.

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