Household wastewater solutions

Family enjoying garden with household sewage treatement system
Installation of Fuji Clean Home Sewage Treatment Plant near Coffs Harbour
Primary septic tank installation for household sewage treatment at Little Gem Nursery
Household sewage solutions with advanced secondary treatment plant and sub surface drip irrgation.

True Water provides onsite home sewage treatment solutions that last.

If your home is not connected to a municipal sewerage network, all the wastewater generated by your family must be managed onsite. However, household sewage is an afterthought for most homeowners. True Water’s specialist sewage services make investment affordable and regulatory approval easy to understand and stress-free.

For more than 20 years, we have been the industry leader in designing and installing onsite home sewage treatment systems; ranging from simple septic tanks with trenches to advanced Home Sewage Treatment Plants with customised effluent management. True Water has an unrivalled reputation for delivering wastewater solutions designed and manufactured to last.

We meet with you onsite to conduct a site assessment, identify restrictions, and learn more about your plans for your property. This free-of-charge consultation includes a detailed concept design, and then we provide an obligation-free quote so you can make informed decisions. True Water guarantees reliable, cost-effective, and enduring household wastewater solutions that add value to your property while exceeding environmental and legislative requirements.


“The team was excellent, always friendly, helpful, and professional. There was always excellent communication between True Water and ourselves.”

Stephen and Deborah Pearce | Homeowners, Waterview Heights, NSW.



We design long-term solutions that demonstrate superior performance, environmental sustainability, unrivalled lifecycle benefits, and minimal operating costs.


True Water manages your project from concept to commissioning; taking responsibility at all phases to coordinate your regulatory approvals, strict budgetary requirements, and delivery deadlines.


Our compact, odourless, and inaudible wastewater technology protects the health of your family, safeguards the environment, and upholds the amenity and value of your property.


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