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When a Biolytix sewage system failed in Lawrence, True Water designed and installed a replacement onsite home sewage treatment system for this family. There has been one home sewage treatment system in Australia that has required replacement more than any other. That system is the Biolytix. Wastewater treatment systems can last for years and they can remain out-of-sight and out-of-mind. The Biolytix initially looked good and performed well. But unfortunately the Biolytix had a design flaw. This flaw caused them to fail and the company went into administration in Australia.

There are still a few Biolytix systems around. We still get called in to replace them as well. This one had lasted quite a while, but a storm event caused it to flood and fail. The main process behind the Biolytix is using worms to break down the waste. The issue with floods is that worms can’t swim, and they all perished. It is not uncommon for the worms to die in a Biolytix, but it is normally due to pump failure or blockage. Unfortunately, the Biolytix is very difficult to resurrect and replacing it is normally the only option.

Whether you are dealing with a Biolytix, a septic tank, or an AWTP, any system at some point needs “de-sludging”. All systems break down organic matter in the wastewater. The left over sludge needs to be removed and disposed of. The Biolytix is difficult to de-sludge, and is another reason why replacement is often the only option.

Where to begin when you Biolytix fails

First, the owners contacted True Water. We did a site assessment and provided a system report for the insurance company. With our years of experience in the industry, we have a good knowledge of a wide range of systems. This allowed us to present a concise report for insurance. This ensured a quick response in a situation where the system had failed.

Replacement of a treatment system also requires a council application and approval. True Water also provided a site plan and completed an application for the owners. Insurance companies and councils have specific requirements. It is important to address these requirements for a smooth and speedy process. Once approvals from both the council and the insurance company were received, replacement could start.

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The flooded system had multiple component failure and no viable worms to provide the organic treatment process. The most cost effective and long term solution was to provide a replacement system.

Careful considerations

Normally a system replacement is very straight forward. With this replacement we needed to be careful because the old system had flooded. Flooding by storm water was an unusual event, but we needed to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. The homeowners also had a makeshift drain dug across their lawn to deal with the overflowing system. The drain was a health hazard and needed to be removed from their lawn. The land application area, or treated water disposal area, also needed to be checked. It needed checking for damage from receiving untreated wastewater and to see if it was up to standard.

Plans were put in place to stop any future storm water issues and for an improved installation. The land application area was 400m2 of subsurface irrigation and remained within guidelines and in a suitable location. Flushing and servicing the land application area dealt with contamination from the failed system. The property had no issues with vegetation or access and had lots of space on its 80 hectares.

Quick installation and commissioning

Work began as soon as approval was received and True Water replaced the failed system. We used a Fuji Clean CE1500EX Aerated Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWTP). The Fuji Clean system has proven to be very reliable for home sewage treatment over many years. It uses a biological process to break down the contents within the wastewater.  Beneficial microbes and bacteria naturally break down organic matter in the wastewater. Different stages use anaerobic and aerobic chambers for a more thorough and efficient process. This is a very robust process compared to the use of worms.

Installations are completed in a single day in most cases. The self contained system is made from fibre reinforced plastic. This not only makes it very tough, it also makes it light and compact for easy handling. It is a prefabricated system with everything neatly contained in the unit. Once connected to the existing plumbing network and the refreshed application area, the system could be turned on. Reusing existing infrastructure and only replacing essential items saved money. We took care to make sure no problems from the original system remained.

The local council issue an “Approval to Operate” before homeowners can begin to use a new system. True Water ensure every system is up and running perfectly at the end of every job. This means the Approval to Operate is just a formality and there is no delay in using the new system. The homeowners have the peace of mind of a flood and trouble-free system that will last many years into the future.

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