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System Profile | CE-1500EX

The CE-1500EX Model is one of the world’s foremost domestic wastewater treatment systems. A compact, cost-efficient and highly dependable advanced secondary treatment system, the CE-1500EX offers exceptional value, unsurpassed water quality and proven performance with over 1.7 million systems installed internationally.

True Water Australia has successfully installed numerous CE 1500-EXs, providing homeowners with safe water, hassle-free operation and significant savings in their domestic wastewater treatment costs.

The CE-1500EX offers up to an 80% saving on running costs compared to other brands, its simplicity and lack of moving parts matching the financial benefits with unsurpassed reliability and longevity.

The CE-1500EX has been developed to achieve a 50+ year lifespan, providing outstanding reliability and peace of mind within a low-maintenance system that will last a lifetime.


As Australian Commercial supplier of the CE-1500EX, True Water Australia has the track record and experience to provide swift, efficient and cost-effective installation of the system, liaising with clients, councils and governing bodies to ensure all installation requirements are met.

This process is made simple & easy given the CE-1500EX’s, high water quality, lightweight manufacture, compact & self-contained design, greatly reduced noise, ensured environmental  safety, minimal environmental footprint and odourless operation.

The ease with which the CE-1500EX can be installed, thanks to its convenient design, makes it an ideal solution for domestic or small commercial properties with limited space, difficult access or environmental constraints.

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