Kubota MBBR Biological – Nutrient Reduction

Kubota MBBR Biological – Nutrient Reduction delivers enhanced wastewater treatment.

This advanced technology builds on the exceptional performance of our MBBR treatment system. It is specifically tailored for superior nutrient and phosphate removal and addresses even the most stringent environmental requirements. Enhanced nutrient reduction features make it the perfect choice for projects that demand additional removal of Total Nitrogen (TN) and Total Phosphorus (TP).

Upgrade your wastewater and sewage treatment capabilities with our advanced MBBR Biological – Nutrient Reduction system. Contact us today to discover how this innovative solution can deliver exceptional water treatment, while at the same time maintaining efficiency, reliability, and environmental compliance.

Key features:

Efficient nutrient reduction: MBBR Biological – Nutrient Reduction system is engineered to excel in Total Nitrogen (TN) and Total Phosphorus (TP) reduction, ensuring compliance with project and site-specific nutrient removal needs. Suitable for daily usage ranging from 5kL to 500kL, it offers scalable solutions to meet your evolving requirements.

Robust, maintenance-free design: like the standard MBBR Biological System, this advanced system features a robust plant with little to no moving parts, manufactured to meet international ISO-certification standards. This ensures trouble-free operation and efficient performance over its extended 50-plus-year lifecycle.

Versatile installation: designed for easy installation, our MBBR Biological – Nutrient Reduction is an ideal choice for locations where conventional systems struggle to meet strict regulatory guidelines. Its meticulous design, and simplified treatment process, guarantee a hassle-free, odourless, and noise-free operation that delivers the highest level of water treatment quality available.


The treatment process is technologically advanced.


Additional modules can be added to meet increasing hydraulic requirements.

Easy Service and Maintenance

Advanced engineering reduces servicing and maintenance requirements which minimise operational costs.

Undisputed reputation

1.7 million systems sold worldwide and over 40,000 installations completed.


Treated effluent is clean and odourless.

High-Quality Effluent

Treated effleunt is environmentally friendly and economic.

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