Effluent Management Report

It is mandatory for homeowners, before installing an onsite wastewater system, to complete an Onsite Wastewater Management Application which is submitted to the local council for approval.

True Water’s Effluent Management Report (EMR) determines how the sewage produced on-site will be managed, treated, and then disposed of. It is a technical document that carefully considers the management options for your wastewater solution and the recommended measures to ensure the long-term protection of both public and environmental health.


True Water environmental consultants provide a free initial assessment prior to drafting an EMR.

It is imperative that you rely on the expertise of True Water environmental consultants when undertaking a project such as building a new house, expanding an existing one, or replacing a failed system.

Before commencing a report, our consultants conduct a thorough site visit, taking measurements, photos, and soil samples for analysis. This is your opportunity to engage with our team and discuss your location, treatment method, future project plans, and any other relevant topics.

The information gathered during the site visit, in combination with your building plans and environmental research, forms the basis of your report. Our consultants provide you with the most effective and efficient site-specific wastewater solution for your project, which includes a detailed plan, modelling, and system accreditation.




The building blocks of an Effluent Management Report.

Having a high-quality Environmental Management Report (EMR) is crucial when it comes to showing the council that your property has been assessed properly and that an appropriate option has been suggested. The True Water team has spent years refining its reports and building relationships and reputation with local councils.

An EMR consists of several sections that assess your project for the potential wastewater load, as well as property characteristics such as size, topography, waterways, soil, etc. This assessment is then used to calculate and specify a suitable wastewater treatment system for your home or project.

Finally, a plan is created that shows the location and layout of the system in relation to buildings, boundaries, and environmental features. Apart from standard EMRs, we also do existing system assessments, subdivision reports, simplified applications, and report updates or modifications.

You may come across terms such as Wastewater Reports (WWR), Onsite Sewage Management (OSSM) Reports, or Land Capability Assessments (LCA); these are all essentially the same or slight variations on EMRs, and we can assist you with any of their individual requirements.

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