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Fuji Clean CE1500EX with arch trenches


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Sandon Village, nestled in the middle of the New South Wales Yuraygir National Park, is abundant with natural beauty and wildlife. The Sandon River flows through the national park into the sea between Brooms Head and Wooli. The entrance is flanked by two rocky headlands which act as natural training walls. This estuary is classed as a medium-sized barrier river. The township, comprising small house blocks, sits alongside the Sandon River and beside the ocean which results in a high water table. Its remote location also means that access to essential services is extremely restricted.

True Water was engaged by the (featured) property owners after a routine inspection found their septic tank and land application area (LAA) to be no longer compliant. Council informed the owners that they needed to upgrade to advanced secondary treatment and replace the LAA which is also referred to as an effluent disperal area (EDA).

Finding a solution for restricted sites in sensitive environments

Our team is experienced in full system replacements, but this property posed a few challenges. The first step involved our environmental consultants performing a site visit and assessment. The property was accessed by driving a 4WD along the beach at low tide. Our team then collaborated with the homeowners to investigate possible solutions.

The current regulations for onsite sewage treatment are much stricter than when the original septic system was installed. Once a plan and direction were agreed upon, True Water prepared, and submitted, an application to Clarence Valley Council. The Fuji Clean CE1500EX was proposed as the replacement home sewage treatment system for this property at Sandon. The Fuji Clean is a compact and light system that treats to a very high level. Our team has trialled many systems over the years and the Fuji Clean remains a firm favourite. Arch Trenches were selected as the best option for the LAA, which is also referred to as an effluent dispersal area (EDA). Local knowledge, combined with years of experience, resulted in quick council approval of the proposed system replacement.

Compact home sewage treatment plant being installed in small backyard at Sandon River
After installation of the custom home sewage treatment solution, True Water returns the site to its former condition.

The best outcome for home sewage treatment in Sandon

Our expert installation team safely decommissioned the old system. The site constraints meant the only available space for the new LAA was a small courtyard situated between buildings. True Water technicians, working in sandy and confined spaces, avoided damage to the new system by precisely manoeuvring it over obstacles and into place. The client was very happy with the site-specific solution which came together with collaboration, communication, and detailed planning.

In particular, the backyard remains fully functional. The new compact system is odourless, and inaudible wastewater technology that protects the family, safeguards the pristine environment, and upholds the amenity and value of the property.

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