MBR Membrane

The Kubota Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) treatment plant stands as the pinnacle of wastewater treatment solutions.

The integration of Kubota’s cutting-edge membrane treatment technologies, and robust biological treatment processes, allows our MBR system to consistently deliver exceptionally high-quality (Class A+) treated effluent. This superior treatment quality ensures versatility in effluent disposal, whether it be waterway discharge or in-house reuse.

Our treatment process draws upon technologies in use at the world’s largest centralised treatment facilities. Leveraging these widely recognised methods guarantees seamless operation and efficiency throughout the infrastructure lifespan. The modular design, like all Johkasou systems, accommodates project-specific scalability demands.

Kubota Membrane STPs excel in peak flow management, incorporating buffer and emergency storage within the treatment chain. These plants adeptly handle fluctuations in flow volume and concentration; consistently maintaining a high level of treatment quality while ensuring operational reliability.

KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit®

At the core of the Kubota MBR Treatment System is the Kubota Submerged Membrane Unit®. This integral component features microporous membranes constructed from polyolefin. These membranes allow the passage of fluids smaller than their micropores while effectively blocking larger, contaminated particles from permeating.

This process is facilitated by aeration-generated water flow and the contact of air bubbles with the membrane’s surface, which ascend while causing surface vibration. This continuous cleaning action ensures that the membrane surface remains pristine, preventing any clogging of the micropores.


Strong and lightweight fibre-reinforced plastic construction guranatees 50 + year lifecycle.


Additional modules can be added to meet increasing hydraulic requirements.

High-Quality Treatment

Membrane treatment produces treated wastewater suitable for sensitive applications or internal re-use.


Decades of research and development guarantees consistent long-term performance.

Reduced Footprint

At half the size of conventional systems, the Kubota MBR is less obtrusive and require less land reducing the space required and saving on installation costs.

Undisputed reputation

1.7 million systems sold worldwide and over 40,000 installations completed.

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