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The Wellcamp Airport and Business Park opened in 2014. Toowoombah Wellcamp Airport is the aviation gateway connecting Toowoomba and south-west Queensland to the world. It is the first greenfield public airport built in Australia in 50 years and the nation’s first privately funded public airport. The Business Park is intended to become the business hub of Toowoomba and regional Queensland. The development includes more than 250 industrial lots and an international airport which services more than 10,000 passengers per month.

Wagners are the owners and developers of Wellcamp Airport and Business Park. It is an Australian family-owned infrastructure, construction and materials company. Wagners specialises in transport, logistics, cement, pre-cast concrete, contract crushing and mining and building supplies for the construction and mining industry both within Australia and internationally. The Toowoomba-based company’s larger projects include roads and tunnels, bridges, airports, mining and gas plants, dams and major infrastructure.

Wagner’s developed Environmentally Friendly Concrete (EFC), a low-carbon cement free concrete for use in the construction of the airport.  The opening of the airport provided new infrastructure for a region which previously did not have a jet capable airport.

Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport and Business Park

Sewage treament solution for airport precinct

The development is located approximately 15km West of Toowoomba, beyond existing sewerage service networks. Therefore it required a custom designed Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). Wagners undertook extensive research and assessed all sewage treatment solutions and providers available in Australia to find the best outcome for their development.

The assessment took more than 2 years involving investigation into multiple treatment technologies, performance history, company background, operational practices and multiple site visits. Additional factors that were assessed included scalability, capital and operational costs, configuration and aesthetics (visual, odour and noise).

Wagners concluded that the only solution that would meet their requirements was the Kubota sewage treatment plant with design, delivery and operation by True Water Australia.

Wagner’s is a large family company based in Toowoomba, Australia.  We needed the world’s most reliable, high-quality sewage solution for the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport and Wellcamp Business Park.  The Wellcamp Airport and Business Park offer world class infrastructure and facilities and have a focus on the highest environmental performance possible.

True Water Australia was chosen after discussions with each of the leading providers in Australia.  We made this decision as True Water Australia displayed many of the traits that made Wagner’s successful, namely innovation, attention to detail, focus on quality, dedication and customer service. Wagner’s is extremely happy with the quality and performance of True Water Australia’s works and the Kubota STP.

-Denis Wagner, Managing Director, Wagner’s

Key Challenges of the project

The project posed several key challenges for effective sewage management including; highly variable flows, staging requirements and high levels of trade waste.

The Wellcamp Airport and Business Park will be delivered over a period of several years across several stages. The STP needed the capability to be delivered in line with the staging requirements. This ensures the STP is always sized adequately for daily flows and reduces up front capital costs.

The development includes more than 250 industrial lots. While some pre-treatment will be performed, the STP must be capable of handling influent with contaminant concentrations beyond domestic levels. Hydraulic flows vary significantly with seasonal influxes of passengers. Therefore the STP must be capable of reliably managing and treating varying flow volumes.

The Wellcamp Airport and Business Park is essential infrastructure for the region and requires continuity of essential services. The STP must be highly reliable and include contingency and safe guards to ensure continuity of service at all times.

True Water designed and constructed a 500m3 Kubota K-HC-R Sewage Treatment Plant with Stage 1 providing up to 100m3 treatment capacity per day. The Treatment Plant will be scaled in 50m3 stages to provide efficient and cost-effective sewage treatment and exceptional environmental outcomes.

Access lids are the only visible component of the sewage treatment plant once installed.

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