System Installation

Installing an onsite home sewage treatment system requires careful planning and expertise. True Water provides a hassle-free process and high-quality finish.



Installation of a Home Sewage Treatment Plant providing advanced secondary treatment of the household wastewater.
True Water install a Fuji Clean onsite wastewater system for a home in Byron Bay under the authority of the local council.

True Water is committed to providing clients with a seamless installation.

Installing a septic system or HSTP is not a simple job, so it’s important to work with professionals. Our project management expertise, detailed planning, and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee flawless installation. Builders widely acknowledge that True Water household installations are completed to the highest quality, which is why they often refer clients to our specialist household sewage services.

Once the council has approved installation, the True Water consultancy team notes any special regulatory conditions or requirements. We then determine the most suitable start date for a project in close collaboration with builders and property owners. Direct and clear communication between our design team and installers also makes certain the job gets done right, every time.

Our utmost priority is to minimise any inconvenience to your property while keeping expenses at a minimum. Weather conditions, site access, and awareness of additional construction work are all taken into consideration. Furthermore, we strongly encourage clients to be onsite, or have a nominated representative present, throughout the entire installation phase. This approach helps to provide you with a better understanding of the system being installed, and how your entire Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS) operates.



Our expertise makes the whole process simple.

Local Government Act 1993, states that all owners, and operators of on-site sewage management systems, are required a licence/approval to install and operate the system. To obtain approval, the council must be satisfied that the system complies with appropriate legislation and guidelines. True Water coordinates with the appropriate regulatory authorities to provide any requested information and organise any site inspections, required when obtaining council sign-off.

Our team provides guidance to homeowners and builders in preparing the site for install, including any clearing of excess vegetation, mowing or slashing, removal of rocks and sticks, and confirmation of site access. This ensures that on the day of install, our qualified technicians can deliver a high quality installation with an exceptional finish. The excavation, tank installation, LAA construction, system connection, and backfilling are completed with the utmost care. The True Water team use specialised equipment to deliver a system in keeping with your approval with guaranteed longevity and reliability.

Wastewater systems are designed to be installed in non-trafficable areas; safeguarding components from being inadvertently damaged by vehicles, machinery, or livestock. Our team also consider existing landscaping and infrastructure, and areas allocated for future improvements like gardens, sheds, driveways, and pools.

Stormwater flows are also discussed, because some systems require swale drains, or batter drains to be installed to ensure water doesn’t pool around the new system. Once your installation is complete, the system is commissioned and ready for use. True Water provides a “Works As Executed” (WAE) plan for your records. This contains council approval to operate, and all documentation required for system registration and warranty.

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