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The Korora hills on the Coffs Coast offer stunning ocean views, however, the very steep terrain provides some unique challenges for onsite home sewage treatment.

Hopwood Homes in Coffs Harbour contacted True Water to provide onsite sewage treatment for a new home in Korora. This home has stunning views, but is built on a logistically and environmentally demanding block.  In particular, the rocky slope, high rainfall, and restricted space on this site provide some unique challenges. True Water happily accepted the task.

The wastewater industry is always changing. In the past, the specific site conditions or restraints were not always taken into account. And to be fair, not a lot was known about the technical and scientific approach to wastewater treatment. These days however, wastewater has become a specialised industry all of its own. The installation for this new home in Korora showcases the experience and knowledge needed to successfully design a home sewage treatment solution.

Designing a wastewater treatment solution for tricky terrain

This property has an intermittent watercourse on the site and one very close by. It also has two groundwater bores in close proximity. Protection of these water sources is important. In addition, the block has a very steep slope and the actual space available for the system is limited. One challenge was physically installing the system and disposal area on the site. The second was ensuring the correct design to dispose of the treated water efficiently and safely.

Poorly treated wastewater is a factor in waterway and groundwater health. Pollution and contamination of waterways and water can lead to health risks and environmental degradation. Improving wastewater treatment is an important part of avoiding these problems.

To avoid contaminating waterways, we chose a Fuji Clean CE1500EX as the treatment system. The Fuji Clean HSTP is a great system that treats to a secondary level and also includes nutrient reduction. The nutrient reduction is important for avoiding the eutrophication of waterways which can lead to algal blooms. Consistent and reliable treatment from the well-engineered system is also an important feature.

The disposal area is restrictive and difficult to access. In order to provide a working solutions, these factors had to be carefully considered. This is where expertise and experience are critical. True Water designed a custom disposal area to fit the specific constraints of the property. The steep slope, contours, restricted space, soil type, and flow volumes were all considered.

The land is sculpted into terraces to allow for the installation of ETA beds to disperse the treated water. Landscaping will soften the earthworks and create beautiful gardens for the home.

The land is sculted into terraces to allow for the installation of ETA beds to disperse the treated water
True Water's highly skilled technicians use the right equipment to make sure the installation of the Fuji Clean home sewage treatment plant is competed with precision and little discruption to the rest of the site.

Precision installation as part of the project with Hopwood Homes

Our experienced team completed the precision installation on the contoured terraces.  With the house already built and the HSTP located right next to it, it was important to adhere closely to the plan. The chosen treatment system is a light and compact unit making installation much simpler and cheaper on the confined block. Using the correct equipment with skill is also critical when installing irrigation in such a tight location.

Now that it is installed, the home sewage treatment plant and dispersal area are working perfectly. The home’s wastewater is treated to a high and reliable level. As a result, the waterways and water bores remain nice and clean. The disposal area disperses the treated water evenly and efficiently. This area is compact and fits in with the environment, but also ensures there is no waterlogging or erosion.

True Water’s highly skilled technicians use the right equipment to make sure the installation of the Fuji Clean home sewage treatment plant is competed with precision and little discruption to the rest of the site.

Home sewage treatment built to last

There is another important thing to remember with this system. It’s designed to last. We often see poorly designed or installed systems failing. This can be a costly and frustrating experience for any homeowner. In this instance, however, it could cause serious problems. Contaminated water bores or collapsing and eroding disposal areas take time to rectify.

This quality system provides peace of mind to the homeowner. Above all, the True Water designed system will provide years of trouble-free operation. The owners know their wastewater is being dealt with effectively and to a consistently high level because they chose an industry leading product. Not only is it important for the environment, it also helps extend the life of the disposal area. The well engineered and designed disposal area will continue to work efficiently for many years to come.

At True Water we take pride in finding great solutions to even the most challenging of sites. With careful planning, we make light work of even the most restrictive sites. But, we also ensure that even the simplest job is done well and designed to last. As wastewater specialists, we can guarantee we will provide an excellent solution for any home.

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Korora aerial finished build for Hopwood Homes and True Water

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