Benaraby, QLD


10kL Kubota HC-Z STP


Design and Construct STP

Hutchinson Builders engaged True Water for the design and delivery of an onsite sewage treatment plant for the new Benaraby Caltex Service Centre. The service centre is located on the busy Bruce Highway. It includes several commercial tenancies and there is potential for future expansion of the site.

During the planning stage, a number of factors are considered to ensure maximum yield for the developer. The system must be aesthetically pleasing and have a small footprint. In addition, mitigating or eliminating risks like potential flooding and seasonal groundwater is important. True Water achieved this through the use of an engineered effluent discharge system providing a small footprint whilst removing the impacts of wet weather.

Importantly, the Kubota sewage treatment plant is installed completely below ground. It has the smallest footprint of any STP available in Australia and is out of site, out of mind. With no odour, no noise and low operational costs, the Benaraby Service Centre is serviced by the highest quality option available.

Future commercial tenancies are planned for the development, therefore the Kubota HC-Z has been designed to allow for future increases in capacity as the development grows. Other Kubota HC-Z advantages include; treating wastewater to a high level due to its reliable biological processing and managing highly variable and fluctuating flows.

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