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70kL Kubota HC-Z STP


Design and construct STP

Home Valley Station is one of the most remote outstations in Australia and requires onsite sewage management. Owned and operated by the Australian Indigenous Land Corporation, recent expansions to the resort means sewage treatment requirements have increased. As a result, True Water were engaged to provide a scalable treatment solution to meet current and future needs.

Although the 800,000km2 destination is isolated deep in the Kimberley, they can have up to 800 visitors a day. It is 3 hours from the nearest town of Kununurra and everyone using the Gibb River Road is likely to stop in at Home Valley to grab a meal or use the toilets. The cattle station and tourist destination offers a range of accommodation options, conference facilities, tours and activities. It also hosts an annual muster which attracts visitors from across Australia. Therefore, reliability of the sewage treatment plant is of key importance for the isolated site.


Remote outstation location a beautiful challenge

Located on Balanggarra country beside the iconic Pentecost River, the station overlooks the magnificent Cockburn Ranges. There is no better place to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty and outback adventure of the Kimberley. Home Valley offers a chance to be immersed in the Indigenous culture of the East Kimberley.

To allow for the future, wastewater infrastructure was required to be scalable, allowing capital investment to match resort growth, and robust, ensuring a long operational life in harsh climatic conditions. Seasonal occupancy rates required the wastewater treatment system to be capable of managing highly variable flows while maintaining treatment performance.

Stage 1 of the sewage treatment plant involved the design and installation of four commercial Kubota HC-Z Treatment Plant modules with a combined treatment capacity of 40m3 per day. The Treatment Plant was installed below ground to regulate temperature, improve visual amenity and eliminate any impacts the extreme climate may have on the infrastructure. Stage 2 included the addition of three Kubota HC-Z Treatment plant modules bringing the total daily treatment capacity to 70m3.


“Having worked in a remote environment in the East Kimberley, it is essential to have reliable and efficient services. The Wastewater Management System installed by True Water Australia is a state of the art Kubota plant that not only allows piece of mind, it is very low maintenance and the most effective wastewater management system I have worked with over a 20year career in remote resorts around Australia.

True Water Australia are a professional company offering the ultimate in customer service and customer support, they go over and above and have exceeded my expectations with each and every contact.”

Lynn Stollery – General Manager, Home Valley Station, Gibb River Road, WA

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