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Design and Construct STP

Principal contractor, Hutchinson Builders, engaged True Water to provide a quality solution for the new northbound Chinderah Service Centre in Northern NSW. Several constraints including flooding, site access and available area were given high consideration. Therefore the sewage treatment plant needed to accommodate significant environmental factors. Design and planning for the project was conducted over 4 years.

Initially an area in excess of 6,000m2 was required for the wastewater management system. True Water worked closely with the developer and consultants to achieve a reduction in size of more than 60% due to our specialist disposal methods. This allowed the developer to maximise the footprint of development and achieve a higher yield. Importantly, the sewage treatment plant is located to ensure high amenity and aesthetic value.

A solution designed for unique service centre requirements

Commercial strength wastewater is high in greases and oils. This combined with 24 hour operation provided challenges to the sewage treatment plant and infrastructure operation. Similarly, a high fluctuation in flows during peak and off peak periods such as holidays, required robust hydraulic flow management.

The Kubota K-HC-T commercial sewage treatment plant was installed at the Caltex Service Centre to provide long term reliable treatment and onsite wastewater management. The K-HC-T uses biological processing to efficiently treat 40,000L per day of wastewater and uses gravity flow to minimise operational cost while maximising operational security. The K-HC-T includes internal buffer storage to safely manage peak flows without compromising treatment quality or producing odour.

The STP at Chinderah service centre is independent of the Council Wastewater Treatment Utility but still subject to government regulations. As part of our ongoing service, True Water have been working with stakeholders to ensure the system is always compliant and working at its best.

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Even though the sewage treatment plant is located next to the public car park, and within view of the service centre, most people would not even notice it is there.

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