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10kL Kubota HC STP


Design and construct STP

The Queensland Government’s Alpha Hospital and Emergency Services Hub requires onsite wastewater management for sewage generated by the site. The project provides improved services and public health access for the region. The town of around 500 is the centre of an outback region in Central Queensland. This required skilled contractors from around Australia to be involved in the project.

The Department of State Development, Innovation and Planning (DSDIP) engaged a consultant to investigate options for co-location of community safety services on government land. The intention is to develop more efficient government services. The Emergency Services Hub includes Hospital, Health, Ambulance, Fire and Police facilities. The site is small and all wastewater is managed wholly within the lot and surrounding the hospital. Therefore, a key focus is the delivery of a safe and effective sewage treatment system that provides guaranteed amenity for people utilising the site.

Wastewater management solutions for hospital and health precinct

To achieve the best outcome for the Alpha hub, True Water reworked the sewage treatment plant design. This included adressing the layout and location of the effluent irrigation system to address each of the site’s challenges. Challenge’s included, the remote location, temperature variances from 40 to 470, and trade waste from the hospital containing contaminants that can effect sewage treatment if not managed properly.

The sewage treatment plant servicing the Emergency Services Hub is a 10m3 Kubota HC. The biological processes within the Kubota sewage treatment plant ensure reliable and cost effective treatment and provide the highest level of public health and safety. True Water secured the project as it was able to provide enhanced public health and environmental outcomes while reducing the capital and operational cost of the wastewater infrastructure.


Alpha Hospital and Emergency Services Hub required onsite wastewater management solutions for sewage generated by the site.

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