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True Water recently completed a wastewater treatment expansion for the Hazelwood Estate. The task was to install an additional wastewater treatment system for the lot which would let the propoerty manage flows from the new accommodation and function facilities.  The new amenities include 20 new holiday eco cabins, a function center, a day spa, car parking facilities, and a tack room for functions.

The Hazelwood Estate upgrade was supported by the Attracting Tourism Fund. The fund is a incentive program of the Queensland government that aims to boost the economy with new tourism experiences and attractions. The project’s and initiatives funded under the ATF program provide economic benefits to the Queensland economy and enhance the State’s tourism offering.

The estate has been designed to give guests an authentic luxury escape from their daily grind. The retreat offers a wide range of unique activities and has something for everyone. Guests enjoys private horseback tours and guided walking picnics as a unique way of seeing the farm. You can join a bee and honey tour or simply relax and unwind with a tasty Wagyu tasting experience.  In addition, guests are given the option of sleeping in a soothing luxury pavilion, resting in King Farm Cabins, or staying in the Owners Residence.

Site specific design solution for wastewater treatment expansion

The estate operates the onsite sewage treatment plant under an Environmental Authority approval. The newly designed system treats effluent to a very high standard. It manages the wastewater generated by the site, within the site. In addition, the variable flows generated by functions, visitors and weather events, means effluent and influent storage onsite is essential.

To effectively manage wastewater flows and Hazelwood’s requirements, True Water have installed a Kubota treatment plant. It consistently treats the wastewater flows generated on-site to a high level. In addition, a large treated effluent storage tank is used to manage flows to the sub surface irrigation area to ensure it is not oversaturated. This is partularly important during extended wet weather events, and also to manage variable flows from large events.

The expansion of the wastewater treatment system delivers a host of benefits. From the systems ability to successfully remove suspended solids via the physical membrane filter, to its very small footprint and simple maintenance. True Water knows the Kubota STP will meet Hazelwood’s amenity, cost, and environmental goals.

Installation of Kubota wastewater treatment plant nearing completion as the cabins for the expansion of the property are finalised.
The site was assessed to ensure constraints were addressed when designing the expansion of wastewater treatment infrastructure.

Assessing site suitability for wastewater treatment and dispersal

When designing a wastewater system to expand treatment capability, True Water considers variables and conditions of the site. This includes the zoning, position of waterways, weather and  soil composition amongst others. Hazelwood Estate is on a sloping site that is well suited to a sub surface irrigation system due to the soil permeability qualities. The design of the system allows for the dispersal of the treated effluent to the environment without overloading the soil. The site is subject to heavy rainfall which impacted the design of the effluent management area. The CONNECTmi controller manages effluent dispersal in the right conditions due to the inclusion of the large holding tank.

The Kubota system consistently treats the site’s wastewater to an advanced secondary standard effluent (Class B). This in turn has reduced the setback requirements and the area needed for effluent dispersal. Moreover, the reduced buffers required between the wastewater treatment plant and the features of the natural and built environment significantly decreased the area required for the system. Delivering advanced effluent class B treatment provides the site with the ability to sustainably manage the wastewater generated on-site without any interruptions

True Water adjusts to time constraints for expansion of site

For this project, there were strict time constraints. In short, the client’s desired timeframe for the whole expansion meant True Water had to quickly design, gain approval for and deliver the system. True Water used in-stock components and systems to prefabricate most of the system before delivery to the site.  This allowed the installation of the wastewater treatment system at Hazelwood to take place within the allocated timeframe. Additionally, True Water had to manage the swift delivery of the treatment plant to the site. They packed the Kubota system, blower housing, control box, tanks and pump housings securely onto pallets for a speedy delivery.

“True Water Australia provided a complete end-to-end solution for the Hazelwood Estate project’s needs. They always had a professional approach throughout the works and delivered within the tight deadlines we required. The system is low maintenance which is perfect for our operation needs as a remote site. Thank you to the True Water Team.”

Andrew Northcott, Owner – Hazelwood Estate

Most importantly, the system expansion is consistently working as designed. Scheduled servicing and testing of the effluent quality is vital to the ongoing success of the system. To monitor the site, True Water utilise TELEmi remote monitoring to deliver real-time data to their online database. It is also accessible to the client via an online portal. Above all, the Kubota MBBR provides continuous high-quality wastewater treatment for Hazelwood Estate. With no visual impact, low operating costs, and unmatched reliability, our system will ensure the guests to enjoy their stay at Hazelwood Estate.

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