Lord Howe Island


10kL Kubota HC STP


Design and Construct STP

Capella Lodge on World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island is a premium luxury retreat that required a wastewater system upgrade. Resting at the foot of Mounts Gower and Lidgbird, it has spectacular views of the ocean, subtropical reef and mountains. When the Baillie Lodge group rennovated the nine contemporary, island-styled suites designed to reflect the pristine natural environment, they looked for a service partner to design a wastewater management solution to match.

Baillies Lodges aims to set new benchmarks for premium experiential travel in a unique Australian style. Their resort caters for luxury holiday makers and upgrade of their onsite sewage treatment needed to match the quality of the project and disapear into the background.

Lord Howe Island is located 580km from mainland Australia posing logistical challenges for commercial infrastructure. The island is World Heritage listed and has many untouched environmentally sensitive areas. Seasonal occupancy rates see varying wastewater flows throughout the year. The sewage treatment plant upgrade required a robust solution capable of consistent treatment performance and without impact to the environment.

True Water undertook the installation that saw a Kubota HC-50 Sewage Treatment Plant transported to site via the Island Trader. Irrigation was installed in conjunction with the Kubota sewage treatment plant to provide the resort with the highest quality wastewater management system available. All while ensuring no impact to the World Heritage site’s views and its surrounding environment.



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