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True Water were selected by Auberge Resorts to provide sewage treatment infrastructure for their Nanuku Beachfront Villas development in Fiji. Auberge Resorts Collection have hotels, resorts and restaurants located in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Adding to their luxurious escapes in Greece, Mexico, Hawaii and Anguilla, is the Nanuku Resort in Fiji. As Auberge say themselves; “Auberge has built its reputation on creating one-of-a-kind properties and experiences that capture the soul of each destination”. At Nanuku they have highlighted the stunning, unique location with luxurious, architect designed accommodation. The development is located on the main Fijian island of Viti Levu. The private villas feature tropical gardens and a beach front setting on the island’s southern coast. Coral reefs lie in the waters just offshore.

The Nanuku Beachfront Villas needed a sewage treatment solution of high quality to match their exceptional standards. Auberge Resorts put the project out to tender to find the highest quality systems. After careful deliberation, the project tender was awarded to True Water.  This stunning location is wonderful to visit, but presents some challenges when installing a commercial wastewater system. True Water brought their expertise and state of the art sewage treatment technologies to this unique project.


Sewage treatment solutions in Fiji

The way we deal with wastewater is changing. The growth of communities and the development of tourism in remote locations is driving this change. It highlights the need for more environmental awareness and better use and reuse of society’s resources. 

Fiji’s coastal and marine environments are of high economic and social importance. They are key to tourism and hold significant cultural values. Pollution of these environments is a threat to the natural ecosystem. Climate change and over fishing are the more familiar hazards. However, pollution from untreated sewage is also a serious threat to reefs and the services they provide for marine life and people. This pristine environment and important economic resource needs to be protected. All wastewater treatment solutions must consistently produce safe, treated water.

Fiji has traditionally managed their sewage with basic wastewater treatment. This is due in part to plenty of space for its low population. This also means that that local expertise and state of the art treatment options are not available. Importing technology and expertise are often the only way to achieve the desired result. True Water is experienced in delivering sound wastewater management solutions well suited to the Pacific. We specialise in designing solutions and providing products that deliver on key project and environmental requirements.


Improving sewage treatment in Fiji is important for long term environmental security.
Small sewage treatment plants service each villa and are hidden within the landscaping

Project specific challenges

Every site is different and it is critical to identify any project specific challenges before developing a design. One of the key concerns in any tourism or residential complex is the aesthetics. The sewage treatment design for Nanuku,Fiji was required to blend seamlessly into the environment. Being visually unobtrusive was not enough.

Environmental concerns included protecting the surrounding nature and pristine private reef. The development in nestled beside the ocean and relies heavily on its naturally beautiful location. Coral reef systems require clear nutrient-free water to thrive and remain pristine. The reef is of high cultural and economic importance to Nanuku and the surrounding community.

Elements of the tropical environment also presented challenges. The high rainfall of the tropics is an important factor to consider. This, combined with a high water table, could affect the disposal area and system placement. Salt from the ocean can also be very corrosive to infrastructure.

The chosen solution for this unique location also had to be practical to install. All items were shipped to Fiji as no technology of the same standard is available in country. Installation on-site needed to be simple, straightforward and require no specialist equipment. This would allow the use of local trades and services.  Reliability and simplicity are also important for ongoing maintenance by staff on-site.

Designing a sewage treatment solution

The solution to the unique requirements for Nanuku Auberge Beachfront Villas was 11 individual systems. After consultation with the client, True Water opted to install 11 Kubota KZ7 sewage treatment systems. One system services each of the luxury villas. This would allow the maximum use of prime beachfront land for the development and ensure ongoing compliance during peak seasons.

The Kubota KZ7 is a small and compact unit. They are placed discretely within landscaped gardens, out-of-sight and out-of-mind. The systems are sealed keeping them silent and completely odour free.

The KZ7 treats wastewater to a very high level.  Individual units are placed in the landscaping of each luxury villa and treated water is reused to irrigate the gardens. The clean, highly treated water has no negative impact on the lush gardens and the nearby coral reef.

The Kubota KZ7 utilises Japanese Johkasou technology. It uses aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment processes through separate stages. This is in combination with high surface area static and moving media.  The KZ7 is a highly designed and engineered system that operates using a straightforward and reliable process. Its fibre reinforced plastic construction provides a compact, light and durable unit. The system is is also very suitable for the pacific climatic environment. The prefabrication of the units allows for a high level of quality control and a quicker and simpler installation.

The system design means they flow under gravity. Gravity delivers the wastewater going in and the treated water going out. The result is simplicity and very low power bills, and continued operation during power cuts. A single blower is enough for the aeration treatment.

KZ7 sewage treatment modules are compact, robust and easy to transport.
Our True Water service technician providing training on the Kubota sewage treatment system's control box for Nanuku Auberge staff.

Working together to deliver the best quality

A True Water technician worked with resort staff and local trades for the installation, only needing to provide supervision. Working with local tradesmen also provided economical benefits to the local community. The compact systems were easy to transport to site. The small, lightweight Kubota units didn’t need deep excavation which made access easier where heavy machinery could not easily reach. The installation of the treatment systems was completed in line with the schedule of the client’s builder.

Local technicians are receiving ongoing training in simple system maintenance. This is possible due to the intelligent engineering of the treatment plants. True Water will continue to oversee the systems during their regular visits to Fiji and provide ongoing training and support. This investment into the local community builds strong economic stability through skill acquisition.

Auberge Resorts continue their high standards with the Nanuku Beachfront Villas. True Water delivered sewage treatment systems that are the high-quality solution that Nanuku Auberge need. The systems servicing the villas have disappeared into the background and work away quietly and seamlessly. Auberge Resorts have kept their commitment to preserve and protect the fragile environment and the local community surrounding them. The pristine reefs will continue to flourish.

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