Household Sewage News

GJ Gardner working with True Water to deliver Sewage Treatment

True Water enjoy working with GJ Gardner Coffs Harbour to provide domestic sewage treatment systems for home builders.

Household sewage management is usually an afterthought or unknown for most homeowners. When building a new home, your plot might not be connected to your Council’s sewerage system (or town sewer). In these cases, you will need to dispose of your household wastewater with an on-site sewage treatment system.

True Water Australia designs home sewage treatment systems to suit the needs of each property. We work closely with clients, builders and architects to provide the highest quality customer service. This also ensures each project is delivered on time, on budget and hassle free.

There are special regulations that apply to home wastewater systems.  Before installing a new Home Sewage Treatment Plant (HSTP), home owners need to provide their local council with a Wastewater Report and gain approval. We meet the clients and builder onsite to discuss all of the options. Next, a concept design and detailed information is provided free of charge.

True Water and GJ Gardner deliver high quality sewage treatment for each home we work on together. In particular, we make sure the application and approval process as simple as possible for each client.


System Choice

True Water only installs accredited systems that are known for their high quality, longevity and excellent treatment capabilities.

Our team provide safe, reliable and cost effective sewage treatment systems. This ensures the highest level of protection for the health and safety of your household and family. Working with the GJ Gardner Coffs Harbour team is fantastic. Our businesses share a focus on quality, reliability and value for money.

James Mahoney, Managing Director – True Water Australia

True Water recommend the Fuji Clean HSTP system for home wastewater treatment. The compact system efficiently treats domestic wastewater generated in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, as well as sewage from toilets. The Fuji Clean operates tucked away below ground with its treatment chambers and microbes working away quietly. These systems produce the cleanest output of any domestic wastewater system in Australia.

For simplicity an reliability, the systems have no internal moving parts. They also use a highly developed bacterial digestive procedure to enhance the treatment process. This advanced process achieves safer water by removing large amounts of contaminants and nutrients.  These reliable systems protect your home, family and the environment while adding long-term value to your property.


Peace of Mind

Fuji Clean’s domestic systems are small and lightweight. This guarantees easy installation and additional cost savings. The whole treatment process requires very little electricity and produces high quality treated water. With regular scheduled maintenance by a qualified service technician, each system will operate for decades to come.

The True Water team work closely with GJ Gardner to coordinate the installation and commissioning of each system. This ensures the homeowners have a working home wastewater system at handover that is ready to ‘set and forget’.

True Water provide our clients with the best possible system for their home, handling the design through to installation. Their knowledge and communication with clients, regulators and our staff make them a pleasure to deal with.

Rick Fischer, GJ Gardner Homes Coffs Harbour

Contact the team at True Water Australia for more information about home wastewater treatment options.