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Maintain your Home Sewage Treatment System in 5 Easy Steps

At True Water Australia we design home sewage treatment systems to suit the specific needs of your property. Maintaining a healthy system will prevent costly breakdowns and ensure a long life for your investment. We are often asked, “How can I make sure our home wastewater plant is running at its best?” Here are five simple steps to achieve the best results and longest life from your sewage treatment plant.

Domestic Sewage Treatment system

Keeping you Home Sewage Treatment System healthy will prevent breakdowns and keep it running smoothly.

Step 1.  Make sure you are ONLY disposing of appropriate waste via your toilets, sinks and drains

Firstly, be aware of what you put in your system. Your home sewage treatment system is designed to process human waste, toilet paper and regular household washing wastewater. If you are aware of what is going into your system it will make all the difference in maintaining a healthy home sewage treatment plant that will run smoothly, quietly, odour free and for many years to come.

Cooking fats and oils, spoiled milk, food scraps, coffee grounds and plastics (like stickers on fruit) are not suitable to pour down your drains. Manage food waste in your kitchen to prevent these potential nasties from making their way into your treatment system.

Paper towels, sanitary items, baby wipes and ‘flushable wipes’ will NOT break down in your system. Do not flush them down your toilet, even if they are labelled ‘flushable’, they are not! Flushing these items could cause blocked pipes and damage your treatment plant.

ABC News: $700,000 fine for false claims about “flushable” wipes

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Step 2.  Stick to a regular maintenance schedule

Secondly, regular and skilled maintenance is vital. Your home sewage treatment system is designed to be serviced every quarter (and it is required under Government Legislation) by a qualified service agent. They will inspect your system and make any adjustments needed to keep it running at its peak. By servicing your system regularly, you can identify minor problems before they escalate, avoiding breakdowns and costly repairs. Speak to Chris at CJ Septic Servicing, the chosen accredited service agent for True Water Australia domestic sewage treatment systems.

True Water Australia has the best compliance record of all of the Fuji Clean suppliers in Australia. We achieve this by maintaining a close relationship with the qualified service technicians who maintain the systems we install. At True Water we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and this includes ensuring the sustained healthy operation of your home sewage system.

Penalties for water pollution

Water polluters face costly clean-up notices and on-the-spot fines and there are stiff penalties, up to $120,000 for individuals and $250,000 for corporations, for pollution offences under New South Wales law.

Failing septic systems can pollute stormwater, rivers and groundwater – so there’s another good reason to keep your septic system working well.

Step 3.  Keep household’s water usage below your system’s daily flow rate.

For the third tip we recommend you keep an eye on your household water use. Your home sewage treatment system has been designed for your specific requirements and what best suits your needs. If you intend to extend your property, add a toilet or shower to your shed, or find yourself using more water on a regular basis, you may need to upgrade your system or extend the disposal area for the treated water. When your system is forced to process a higher volume of wastewater than it is designed for, it will reduce the quality of treated water, is more likely to require maintenance and repair and could even cause your system to fail.

Step 4.  Maintain a consistent power supply

The fourth step is to remember that your system cannot work without power. Do not switch the power off to your system even if you are going away on holidays. If you intend to be away for an extended period, contact you qualified service agent for advice. While your True Water system is simple in its design, making adjustments to your home sewage treatment system yourself will only make it harder to maintain the system’s health.

Step 5. Use only Septic safe products

Our fifth tip is to be smart when choosing your cleaning products. Your home sewage treatment plant utilises naturally occurring bacterial processes to treat your household wastewater. To maintain a healthy balance in your system you need to protect these hard working and beneficial bacteria from harmful cleaning products, personal care products and chemicals that can be used around the home. Take care to choose biodegradable and septic safe products that are low in sodium and phosphorous. You also need to avoid putting bleach, chlorine and antibacterial products down your drains.

Domestic Sewage Treatment Health

Maintaining a healthy home sewage treatment plant with safe cleaning products.

Maintaining healthy home sewage treatment systems with True Water

True Water only installs accredited systems that are known for their high quality, longevity and excellent treatment capabilities. When you follow the above steps, you are ensuring the best possible operation of your home sewage treatment system. If you’d like to know more about our Domestic Consultancy and Domestic Sewage Services , check out some more information on our website or Contact Us for an obligation free quote.