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Kubota MBBR expansion


Consult, design, and installation of WWTS

True Water has upgraded the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Eden Health Retreat to manage peak flows. In 2020, True Water installed a 20kL Kubota Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor WWTP for the retreat. The system reliably treats the wastewater to a high standard and operates well due to a regular servicing schedule. However, it was often overloaded with high flows and concentrated influent.

The 400-acre property is in Queensland’s Currumbin Valley. The region is home to sub-tropical rainforests and picturesque mountains that provide a habitat for numerous endangered species. Sustainability and reliability play a vital role in preserving one of the nation’s most pristine natural environments. As the owners had plans to expand the accommodation facilities, True Water was asked to complete a System Capability Assessment and provide recommendations on how to best manage the increased load.

The nation’s longest-running wellness venue was impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, resulting in a complete shutdown. The unexpected break enabled a multi-million-dollar revamp of the site’s accommodation and facilities. This comprised of 12 architecturally designed luxury villas, a Pilates pavilion, an expansive dining lodge, and a commercial kitchen. Once the lock downs eased, the retreat was able to operate once again. An increase of eight cabins expands the site. As a result, the EA conditions were reviewed, and a solution designed to manage the increased treatment needs.

True Water recommended expansion to manage peak flows

Our team observed peak wastewater flow during the WWTP audit. The system was overwhelmed with high influent concentrations during peak flow events. Wet wipes, sanitary napkins, and other foreign matter were also present. True Water advised the reinstatement of all sanitary bins to ensure compliant operation while planning for a reliable solution.

Connecting additional cabins to the existing WWTP was unfeasible. Instead, our team proposed integrating new wastewater infrastructure into the existing system. To enhance system performance, we recommended installing a new pump well and a 30,000L Solid Separation and Equalisation (EQ) Tank. It enabled the collection of raw influent, at varying rates, and delivery to the WWTP at a consistent flow rate.

This design dilutes the high strength influent, and helps to manage the peak wastewater flows. In turn, the maxium treatment capacity of the Kubota MBBR system is increased to 20kL/day. We also suggested periodic removal of accumulated solids. This reduces site preparation costs and improves operational security. Our team managed design, coordination, and administration throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Once completed, these works ensured the ongoing compliance with the ERA 63 conditions for wastewater treatment and dispersal within the property.


The Kubota WWTP at Eden Health Retreat required and upgrade to manage peak wastewater flows.
Managing peak wastewater flow was crucial to protecting the pristine environment of Australia's longest-running health retreat.

Civil works and excavation were critical aspects of the project

True Water executed these tasks to ensure efficient and compliant completion. Our team oversaw the installation and connection of infrastructure to the WWTP, managing hydraulic connections between tanks to enhance performance. Throughout the project, our Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS) provided quality assurance.

This ensured compliance with regulatory standards, protected public health and the environment, and delivered stakeholder objectives. These project management principles allowed us to deliever a sustainable Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS) that manages peak wastewater flow.

This initiative significantly enhanced the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the existing infrastructure. Our site-specific solution now achieves advanced treatment through efficient biological processes. Additionally, this results in disinfection and nutrient reduction. The infrastructure has a proven 50-year engineering life, ensuring long-term sustainability, reliability, and performance.

Reliable remote monitoring of wastewater flows

The retreat WWTP operates under an Environmental Authority (EA). It is a regulatory approval issued by the Queensland Department of Environment, Science and Innovation (DESI). True Water identified an opportunity to enhance the efficiency of daily monitoring for hydraulic flow and alarms.

Our team installed a Magflow water meter and TELEmi remote asset telemetry monitoring. True Water developed this low-cost software which utilises global satellite networks. This capability provides coverage in areas where traditional internet infrastructure fails to reach. It means real time data is reliably and consistently transferred, even in extreme weather conditions.

This advanced technology is helping to manage the site’s peak wastewater flow. It has also delievered operational security and regulatory compliance. In addition, it is supported by an online portal that provides day-to-day asset management. This includes automatic data logging, and tracking of all maintenance, operation, componentry, and potential faults.

True Water’s telemetry software monitors peak wastewater flow and delivers operational security for the Eden Health Retreat WWTP.

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