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Consult, design, and supervised install of WWTP

The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) upgrade to service the Hail Creek Mine staff accommodation is complete. The mine has been operating continually since it opened in 2003. It employs more than 1,000 employees who work in shifts to keep the mine operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Hail Creek village accommodates all employees and contractors for Glencore’s Hail Creek Mine and is operated for the exclusive use of these workers. The new Kubota WWTP treats all wastewater generated by the site from kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, and amenities.

The project scope included the assessment of the existing infrastructure and the integration and or reuse of any usable components. Approximately 300,000 litres/day of influent is processed each day. The True Water designed wastewater treatment solution satisfies all Environmental Authority (EA) conditions and provides recycled effluent water, suitable for reuse dust suppression in the mining operations.

Glencore select True Water for Hail Creek Mine upgrade

The original site Sewage Treatment Plant was commissioned in 2002, with an additional upgrade carried out during 2012. The STP encountered operational challenges, marked by aging infrastructure and an inability to consistently satisfy necessary treatment levels.

In response, Hail Creek Glencore conducted a thorough tender process, ultimately awarding True Water the contract for the delivery of a 400kL Kubota MBBR WWTP. Our proven track record in wastewater treatment projects played a pivotal role in being engaged by Glencore. This recognition followed the delivery of several medium and large-scale WWTP for mining operations at Rolleston, Ulan, United Wambo, and Oaky Creek.

Hail Creek Glencore has as core values a commitment to attaining the highest standards in its health, safety, environment, and community obligations. True Water’s achievement in securing the project stemmed from proficiency in navigating and resolving challenges and securing compliance for other sites.

True Water Design and Consultancy promptly delivered a comprehensive system design proposal to the client. The manufacture of the Kubota MBBR and components is completed in the factory adhering to ISO:14001 and ISO:9001 certification. The completed components are dispatched to the site for installation. This minimises risks associated with on-site fabrication. This approach not only assures installation efficiency and shortens delivery timeframes, but also provides the highest level of manufacturing quality.

Hail Creek Open Cut Glencore
Preparation of the site according to the detailed plans for the Hail Creek accommodation WWTP upgrade

Infrastructure delivery options to minimise expense

When True Water delivers a project, the site-specific requirements and preferences of the client can vary. We work with each client to deliver a fit for purpose solution within the project framework. We often assess multiple systems options and then choose the best option to satisfy project requirements.

True Water also provide two options infrastructure delivery options. Option one is Comprehensive installation which involves our team handling all aspects of safety, civil work, construction and commissioning. This delivers a comprehensive, 100 percent turnkey solution. The second option is Supervised installation which allows the client greater flexibility and control of capital expenditure.

For the Hail Creek Mine accommodation WWTP upgrade, the client chose a Supervised installation. The Glencore project team to be responsible for civils and construction, relying on existing site safety protocols. True Water to provide on-site supervision to coodinate delviery, ensure compliance with installation protocols and ensure satisfaction of warranty requirements.

The manufacturing and assembly processes were completed ahead of schedule. The system and components were delivered to site on time. With this delivery option, True Water technicians play a crucial role in offering technical support and supervision during the install. This involves conducting quality assurance tests and checks on electrical, communications, and hydraulic services. In addition, strict adherence to quality objectives, mine specifications and commissioning guidelines is ensured.

True Water provide the Hail Creek project team with on-site training

To comply with warranty conditions all True Water sewage treatment systems must be serviced and maintained by an accredited maintenance technician. Accreditation includes onsite training and the study and assessment of core modules under the Kubota Johkasou Maintenance process. Our Service Technicians are highly qualified to conduct the scheduled servicing & maintenance and provide any other support that is required.

Ongoing asset management also involves a proactive servicing and maintenance schedule. The integration of True Water’s CONNECTmi™ technology and TELEmi™ remote monitoring provides our technicians with affordable real-time data, ensuring operational security, reliability, and compliance.

True Water specialises in delivering highly engineered wastewater infrastructure across diverse sectors. This includes mining, tourism, rural, urban development, and government projects. Recently, our team tailored a site-specific wastewater solution for the 100-hectare Green Energy Manufacturing Centre (GEM) site at Aldoga. This $144 million first-stage development is groundbreaking as the first facility of its kind in Australia.

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Hail Creek Open Cut Glencore mine wastewater treatment system compound at night

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