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The wastewater solution for the United Wambo Joint Venture (JV) Open Cut Coal Mine features a Kubota manufactured Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). The project site, located in the Hunter Coalfield region, sits on the edge of the Sydney Basin. The area features towering mountain ranges, and includes Barrington Tops National Park, which forms part of the UNESCO Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. The Hunter River catchments, tributaries, and wetlands play a vital role in maintaining the environmental integrity of the region. They support diverse ecosystems and are essential to the local economy and community well-being.

Multinational mining corporations Glencore and Peabody Energy are expanding their neighbouring mining leases with a 50:50 Joint Venture. The project requires changes to the existing mining and public infrastructure along with construction of a new Mine Infrastructure Area.

True Water is contracted to design and construct a Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS) capable of meeting the needs of the site’s Mine Infrastructure Area (MIA) workforce. This includes, a maintenance workshop, stores, administration buildings and bathhouse facilities. It is important that the installation of the sewage treatment system occurs inline with other works onsite, particularly to avoid delays.

True Water Engaged to Address Specific Environmental Challenges

The Hunter Coalfield region, which is considered an environmentally sensitive area, has long been a major economic force. However, alongside prosperity, the area has faced environmental issues which include water quality. These challenges, arising from both natural phenomena and human activities, demand a delicate balance between development and conservation.

Initially, third-party consultants drafted an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project. This was submitted for public consultation to the Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment (DPIE). However, public resistance led to the matter being referred to the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC) for a decision. Following a thorough review, the IPC granted project approval, which includes specific environmental stipulations. In its comprehensive report, the Commission highlight the necessity for constructing essential wastewater infrastructure. Of particular note, the report underscores the importance of implementing meticulous measures to mitigate potential adverse social and environmental impacts.

True Water was selected after a thorough tender process to provide a suitable solution for the project. Our team submitted a design that met all tender requirements, along with an alternative solution involving a Kubota manufactured Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). This alternative design delivers simplified treatment processes and potential cost savings compared to traditional approaches.

This wastewater management solution is now installed onsite and addresses all environmental constraints and site specific needs. A comprehensive monitoring and servicing program is an important component of the ongoing asset management to ensure compliance. The wastewater is consistently treated to a very high standard, protecting site staff, the community and the environment.

United Wambo Joint Venture MIA from the air
United Wambo JV infrastructure loaded and ready for site delivery.

Manufactured Sewage Treatment Plant and Prefabrication of Components Delivers Swift Installation

To streamline the project execution process, we prefabricate and assemble essential components. This is completed in a strictly controlled workshop to ensure high quality finishes inline with our ISO certification. This meticulous process adheres to rigorous quality assurance protocols, effectively mitigating risks associated with on-site fabrication.

These components are tested and carefully packed for transporting directly to the project site. This includes the STP controller, audio and visual alarm systems, monitoring devices, pumpwells and pump sets, and distribution system components.

Furthermore, the manufactured STP modules are manufactured under stringent ISO-certification standards in the Kubota factory. This ensures standardised production, operational reliability, and comes with a robust performance-specific warranty. Delivery of the treatment plants and associated components occur directly to site, ready for installation in line with project timelines.

Project Included Comprehensive Installation Service

True Water allocated a project manager to coordinate the works with the Glencore team completing other infrastructure projects onsite. This includes their presence onsite during the entire installation and commissioning process.

All mine sites have strict WHS guidelines and require site specific inductions before stepping onto the site. Our team maintains all necessary inductions, First Aid certification and health checks to ensure no delays to getting onto the site.

For the project’s duration, the project manager played a pivotal role in coordinating, managing, and directing both the internal workforce and external service providers. Equally crucial was the regular provision of daily project updates to the Principal and key stakeholders. The clear communication and collaboration were instrumental in identifying potential issues before they arose, and strategically planning milestone activities.

Our dedicated team provided all necessary labor, materials, equipment, and qualified surveyors for setting out the site and executing the works under the contract. This included the relocation of sections of 330kV, 66kV, and 11kV transmission lines, strategically managed to maximise coal recovery operations.

In line with regulatory requirements, the project complies with the Environment Protection Licence (EPL), mandating onsite sewage collection and treatment. The sewage management system adheres strictly to Singleton Council’s Onsite Sewage Management System (OSSM) and NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) regulations to uphold environmental standards.


The wastewater treatment system at United Wambo features manufactured sewage treatment plants that are installed below ground.

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