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Teviot Downs is a residential development in the Greater Flagstone Priority Development Area (PDA) requiring a solution for sewage management. Stretching to the south west away from Brisbane and Logan, this PDA offers high potential for growth to meet the housing needs for the region. Teviot Downs itself is planned to accommodate approximately 1,000 new lots with each lot being at least 2,000m2 in size.

A PDA is a prime area to develop in. With the government assisting in streamlining the process, and with potential buyers keen to purchase in a fast developing and good location, many developers are keen to make good progress. The new location and fast development can sometimes run across issues when it comes to infrastructure. Wastewater treatment is one of the trickier services to scale up quickly, mainly due to the large and inflexible structure of municipal treatment plants and sewer mains. Wastewater treatment is not an option or a luxury, a solution is always required.

High density urban development that enhances the natural environment

One of the main focuses of the Teviot Downs development was to retain the precious natural environment surrounding it as much as possible. With about 30% of the development set aside as open space, a true lifestyle experience could be had. This space and the large lots provided a double-edged sword though when it came to development. The larger the distances between residences, the higher the infrastructure costs per lot. The spread-out nature of Teviot Downs could potentially mean high infrastructure costs for each lot.

True Water was commissioned to look at solutions for the treatment of wastewater for Teviot Downs. The solution had to be financially economical, logistically straight forward, and environmentally sound. It had to take into account all stakeholders including the developer, local and state authorities, and future community members.

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