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Stage Two WWTS expansion complete at Beechmont Estate

True Water successfully delievered the Stage Two expansion of the Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS) at Beechmont Estate. The luxury country retreat is spread across 75 acres of idyllic hinterland and neighbours the World Heritage-listed Lamington National Park. Due to increased visitation and functions, the WWTS originally installed by True Water required expansion. The design of the first stage of the system allowed for future expansion under the existing EA. Therefore, the system expansion was straight forward and required no further application to council.

True Water Australia completes the Stage Two expansion of the WWTS at Beechmont Estate.

Works underway for the Stage Two expansion of the Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS) at Beechmont Estate.

Initially, the property received a 1.8 million dollar grant from the Attracting Tourism Fund encouraging the development of tourism experiences. This allowed the first stage of business development to occur. It was shovel-ready capital that triggered the demand for an Environmental Authority. This imposes strict regulatory conditions that mitigate the environmental impact of major projects.

In mid-2021, True Water was engaged to design, supply, and manufacture a site-specific wastewater solution for the then Hazelwood Estate. The region’s high seasonal rainfall and excellent soil permeability were factors to consider. True Water’s team engineered the WWTS to comply with the already approved EA and meet the project needs.

Our team delivered a Kubota MBBR Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and sub-surface drip (SDI) irrigation Effluent Dispersal Area (EDA) for Stage 1. The inclusion of a large 35kL wet-weather tank provisioned for extreme rainfall events and provided up to four-days storage of treated wastewater. Key design considerations included capital and operational cost, ease of maintenance, fail safes, overall footprint, performance, and scalability demand.

Working with the Queensland State Government for the Best Outcomes

True Water maintains the system and undertakes sampling required to meet regulatory conditions. Monitoring of flows revealed the systems treatment capacity was occasionally exceeded during functions and events. The regular monitoring and servicing of the system keeps the plant reliable and the treatment of effluent compliant. The QLD governement ERA63 approval requires the inflow to remain below a set maximum. However, during large functions and events it was likely the approval conditions could not be adhered to.

True Water works with clients and regulators to achieve the best outcomes for all stakeholders and the environment. The original EA is still applicable for the new expansion and works are being undertaken in line with this. The regulatory conditions, specifically related to sampling, testing and reporting, are complex and extensive. The True Water consultancy team is liaising with the State Government to help Beechmont Estate have these conditions reduced.

Our comprehensive asset management program, along with the history of compliance, are key factors in the negotiations. The conditions are being refined with the frequency for testing reduced. This results in a considerable reduction in capital costs for the owners. We work with our clients to ensure our systems are compliant, simple to operate and require little intervention. This amendment to the EA delivers a simplified reporting system and a halving in costs to meet conditions.

WWTS Expansion Increases Treatment Capacity at Beechmont

The venue’s growing popularity as a boutique event venue has resulted in rapid growth. As a result, its onsite accommodation is also increasing in occupancy. This system expansion has increased the wastewater treatment capacity from 8,500kL to 17,000kL per day. It includes a second Kubota MBBR WWTP to treat the higher volume of effluent, and an additional 15,000 litre solid-separation tank. The extension to the EDA (pictured below) assists in the effective dispersal of the treated effluent in the highly permeable soils.

Critical to project success is the efficient execution of onsite works to minimise disruption for guests. True Water ISO-certified technologies, and detailed project management, ensured high-quality project outcomes with minimal time required for onsite installation. All components are premanufactured and tested off site to ensure a simple and speedy delivery. The unique, scalable design also ensures there is no disruption to sewage services onsite during the expansion.

The WWTP, blower housings, control boxes, and pump housings used during installation were securely packed and wrapped on pallets for swift delivery to site via road train. The precision installation of the Kubota module and SS tank was achieved using a 100ft crane. Now the connection to the existing system is being completed efficiently. Without the need for the shutdown of services to the site.

True Water’s CONNECTmi micro-processor technology monitors the levels of the storage tanks. TELEmi remote monitoring provides our highly trained technicians with real time data which ensures operational security, reliability, and compliance. The Beechmont Estate Stage 2 expansion project is straightforward and hassle free. The entire WWTS is odourless, inaudible, and its footprint has no visual impact on the estate’s award-winning amenity and beauty.

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The system expansion included an upgrade to the Effluent Dispersal Area.

The system expansion includes the extension of the Effluent Dispersal Area.