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Australia’s Best Mobile Sewage Solution

True Water Australia design and manufacture cost effective, light weight and reliable solutions for temporary or mobile sewage treatment needs. Our completely portable plants, known as “Advanced Sewage Skids”, come in a range of sizes, servicing from 5 – 500EP.

The Advanced Sewage Skid has been developed with reliability in mind and uses mass produced Japanese technology that is internationally recognised as the most efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly treatment method available.

The lightweight design and compact size of the Advanced Sewage Skid ensures total mobility and reduces transportation costs. While the simple commission and decommission process makes it ready for relocation or operation within 15 minutes. Having the lowest running cost, least weight, less noise, less odour, best water quality, basic servicing requirements and robust, solid manufacture, the True Water Skid is the most advanced mobile treatment solution in the world.

The Advanced Sewage Skid has been developed to provide a reliable low cost, low management solution for temporary camps, the mining industry and emergency relief sites. But it is suitable for any site where mains sewer is not available.

“We’ve provided the highest quality permanent solutions for a long time. A few of our clients provide temporary camps and have asked us to provide mobile solutions in remote locations, they want reliability and quality.” said Daniel Mahoney, Works and Services Group Manager at True Water Australia.

Individual skids can be designed to incorporate a range of treatment capacities from and plants can also be linked together to create much larger systems. All systems from True Water Australia satisfy government regulations and are backed by extensive warrantees ensuring that your requirements are fulfilled and satisfaction is guaranteed.