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A driving force for new sewage system at Goulburn

The NSW Police Driver Training Centre at Goulburn has recently appointed True Water Australia to design and install a new wastewater management system for the Police Driver Training Centre and Rifle Range to replace the failing septic systems.

True Water Australia will install two independent systems at the sites. A Fuji Clean CE 6000 advanced secondary treatment system will be installed at the admin and education facility which caters for up to 150 staff and students with a peak load of 6,000 litres of wastewater daily. The rifle range is not currently in use, but is to be reopened with up to 60 persons per day in attendance. A Fuji Clean CE4200 will be installed to treat the wastewater generated daily at this site.

“We are pleased to have been successful in our tender to the Police Driver Centre. We specialise in delivering cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions to commercial premises not serviced by mains sewer” said Karl Hansen, Project Manager for True Water Australia.

The site at Goulburn is subject to a relatively dry climate and lies on massively structured clay soil profile which offers poor drainage and requires a minimum of advanced secondary level treatment with nutrient reduction and disinfection. This allows the use of surface drip irrigation under mulch to be installed in unused and isolated areas away from dams, buildings and gullies.

The custom manufacturing process is well under way with freight and trade service contractors being co-ordinated. Decommission of the two existing systems and installation of the new advanced treatment system and land application is scheduled for completion within one week. Work is expected to commence in July 2014.

“Watch this space” for completion case study.