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Daintree Rainforest Observatory requires high quality wastewater treatment

The Daintree Rainforest Observatory (DRO) is one of the best-known natural laboratories in the world for understanding the impacts of global environmental change due to the scientific research conducted there. Situated in Cape Tribulation, north of Port Douglas in Queensland’s far north, the research and education station is an extension of the Australian Canopy Crane Research Centre.

True Water Australia supplied the observatory with a Fuji Clean advanced treatment plant to treat wastewater to a high level with nutrient removal. The use of an advanced treatment plant and high quality effluent treatment negated any risk to the sensitive environment. The Fuji Clean system is reliable, meets all regulations and guidelines and is cost efficient.

The observatory has a wastewater load of 6,000 litres per day generated by staff and visitors and can provide accommodation for 46 researchers, students and visitors in shared accommodation and communal facilities. The centre has two laboratories available for visitor use, an open walled undercover laboratory and a wet laboratory and undercover work areas in the forest.

The observatory is adjacent to Daintree National Park where the World Heritage listed rainforest has the highest biodiversity anywhere in Australia and has a unique Gondwanan flora which attracts around half a million national and international tourists each year. The sensitive nature of the site required wastewater to be treated to a high level including disinfection and nutrient removal.

The system at the Observatory has been installed for over 12 months and is continuing to operate effectively and efficiently.