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Wastewater Treatment for Service Station on the Hume Highway

True Water recently installed a wastewater treatment system for a major service station on the Hume Highway at Coolac. With the service station now open for business, we are happy to report the system is performing perfectly.

True Water install a packaged sewage treatment plant at the Coolac Service Station on the Hume Highway

Coolac Service Station is located on the Hume Highway on the busy route between Melbourne and Sydney. Set just off the highway, it is only 10kms from the famous Dog on the Tucker Box. The state-of-the-art centre caters for locals, tourists, and the many truck drivers who ply this route. The service station is already doing a brisk trade. For this project, the little details in the design and function of the project make all the difference. The clients’ attention to detail went as far as making the dog park in the shape of a bone.

For more information about the wastewater treatment solution designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned by True Water, check out our Project Brief.

Gundagai Independent – New Service Station

Delivering a Wastewater Treatment Solution During COVID19

An added challenge facing all companies at the moment is navigating Covid19 restrictions and requirements. With careful planning and cooperation, we installed the system without impacting any other trades working on the busy site.  By making small changes to our standard installation schedule and maintaining great communication, the system was delivered with ease. A recent upgrade of our whole project management software is a key factor. This allowed for better remote communication and direction for the entire project.

True Water are installing more systems for service stations than ever.  Our compact, modular, state of the art systems combine simple process with high quality treatment. Importantly, this provides the perfect treatment solution for the unique requirements of a roadside petrol station.

Drop into the Coolac Service Station if you are travelling the Hume Highway and see if you can spot the Kubota wastewater treatment system tucked away beneath the ground. The large, modern centre offers some great facilities and is an asset to the Coolac community.

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