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The Farm’s Sewage Treatment Plant meets Sustainability Goals

Due to open its doors to the public in the New Year, The Farm is a multi-million dollar collaboration of talented and passionate growers, restaurateurs, apiarists and producers that will culminate in the creation of a truly unique experience.

Set in 80 acres of green space, The Farm is an exciting mix of traditional farming methods, farm shop and restaurant. It includes macadamia and avocado orchards, cheese processing plant, organic vegetables and herbs, free range chickens, Scottish Highland cattle, piggery, ducks and apiary.

True Water Australia has been contracted by builders Stehnbuild, to install a state of the art Advanced Sewage Treatment Plant which complements the sustainability and values of The Farms objectives. “This project required the most cost effective and sustainable solution on the market, we knew that we would be able to deliver the highest quality treatment that guarantees all the stringent requirements are met now and in the future” said Jim Mahoney, Managing Director of True Water Australia. “Kubota was the obvious choice, it has a long a trusted track record of delivering long term, high quality water output with low maintenance requirements.

True Water Australia are installing a 15KL Kubota HCB Advance Sewage Treatment Plants to process up to 15,000 litres of wastewater generated daily. Businesses open to the public generally experience high peak traffic at weekends, special events and coinciding with restaurant serving times. The system needed to be able to deal with these peaks and ensure that no loss of water quality takes place. Kubota Advanced Sewage Treatment Plants are designed specifically to deal with high flows with the ability to store peak loads as they occur. Wastewater is then treated via biological processing, recognised internationally as the pinnacle of effluent treatment. Treated wastewater is then disposed of via irrigation, maximising reuse and the sustainability of the project.

Expansion of The Farm is already planed with the inclusion of a petting zoo, yoga and meditation classes, school holiday programs, farm tours and an education centre.

Work has already commenced with completion due by the end of 2014.