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Stage 2 WWTP expansion complete at Chinderah Service Station

True Water recently completed the Stage Two WWTP expansion at Chinderah Service Station.

The service station is located five kilometres south of the Queensland border. It is highly accessible to passing motorists, and currently experiences 10,000 visitors per day. Commuters often choose this as their pitstop to rest, refuel and eat.

In 2016, True Water installed Stage One of the wastewater treatment system which was designed for scalability in line with business growth. Our consultants considered the potential need for expansion in line with business growth when designing the system. True Water visited the site recently as part of the asset management program and found the system to be operating well. But there was a steady increase in contaminant concentration in test results. The system’s capacity to treat the influent to the required limits for release to the dispersal area had reached it’s limit.

True Water Australia completes the Stage Two Expansion of the WWTP for the Chinderah Service Centre

True Water Australia completes the Stage Two Expansion of the WWTP for the Chinderah Service Centre.


Site-specific design to address the conditions of the site for WWTP expansion

Our team of experts assessed the system’s past treatment results and what would accommodate its future operational needs. In the design, we considered the high strength of the sewage which is generated onsite along with its past performance. The team designed a WWTP expansion comprising of an additional 40kL Kubota WWTP and supporting infrastructure. The existing engineered mounds for the dispersal of the treated effluent did not require any changes.

Amendment to the existing approval was needed to complete the changes to the treatment system. True Water worked with stakeholders and the Tweed Valley Council to facilitate a swift regulatory approval. Upon receiving the approval, True Water completed the treatment expansion efficiently without interrupting the treatment function for the site.

The site-specific wastewater solution, which operates parallel to the original Kubota WWTP, successfully addresses the increase in influent contaminants. True Water enjoyed working at Chinderah service station to complete the WWTP expansion. The increased treatment capacity improves the system’s ability to consistently treat the high strength influent within the approved limits.

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