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True Water deliver sewage treatment solutions to Fiji

Pleass Global Limited has engaged True Water to design and deliver a Kubota Sewage Treatment Plant in Fiji. The system will provide wastewater treatment for their new process and bottling facility. Pleass is Fiji’s leading bottled water supplier. For instance, their brands include Aquasafe and Vaiwai water.

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The project requires the manufacture and delivery of a plug and play Kubota sewage treatment system. It will involve the engagement and training of local labour in Fiji. Most importantly, the wastewater system must ensure safe treated water at all times and maintain the safety of the site.

Their new factory will be located in Namosi, Vitu Levi, Fiji. It will be built in the water catchment area that is the source of artesian water for bottling Aquasafe and Vai Wair branded water. The continuing superior quality of the water sourced in this area is vital to the industry. It is vital that any wastewater treatment solutions is of the highest quality available.

The treatment plant will manage wastewater generated from the facility. The complex will employ full time staff on a 12 hour shift basis. Wastewater from toilets, showers, kitchen and washing facilities is estimated at 5,000 – 7,000 litres per day. Additionally, wastewater generated from the manufacturing and cleaning processes requires treatment. The expected volume for treatment is in excess of 20,000 litres per day.

Pleass water bottling facility in Fiji to have True Water sewage treatment infrastructure

True Water will work closely with Pleass Global, local communities and local authorities to ensure the Kubota system provides the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders.

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