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Asset Management for Resilient Wastewater Infrastructure

Telemi Monitoring System Installation In A True Water Connectmi Controller improves operational efficiency for wastewater infrastructure

True Water provide resilient wastewater infrastructure to our clients and integrate simple management tools to help maintain the assets. Intelligent and remote monitoring goes hand in hand with that. True Water has developed the TELEmi® remote monitoring system to aid in the management of sewage treatment infrastructure.  TELEmi™ is a quality, lower cost alternative for small to medium scale projects or decentralised infrastructure.

Sustainable Management of Wastewater Infrastructure

Efficient, compliant and resilient wastewater treatment infrastructure is critical to environmental, social and economic sustainability. No matter how reliable the infrastructure, monitoring is also critical. Wastewater systems must be monitored and maintained to ensure consistent, regulated quality. The restrictions on travel imposed by Covid19 highlights the need for quality real time monitoring for remote operators, delivering accurate and reliable data for onsite asset performance. The TELEmi™ platform delivers accurate, immediate, and real time information, providing improved operational efficiency and compliance.

Long term reliability of sewage treatment infrastructure is essential for public health. Proactive management of this wastewater infrastructure is essential for long-term sustainability, resilience and security. A considered and coordinated approach to asset management decreases costs by minimising reactive maintenance. This aids in delivering greater return on investment for essential infrastructure.

Advances in technology, industry expectations, and regulations are driving the wastewater industry. How treatment systems are designed and managed is continually evolving for both public and private operators.  Adapting to changes in regulation, while delivering operational efficiency and economic viability, is an ongoing challenge.


Key Benefits Of Effective Asset Management For Wastewater Infrastructure


Embracing new technologies for effective Asset Management

Effective monitoring aids in delivering operational security, continuity of service, and compliance with environmental regulations.

True Water provides operational and management services for small to medium sized sewage treatment plants in Australia and the Pacific. Our experience in sewage asset management identified a gap in the wastewater industry. We saw a lack of a cost effective, high quality, reliable, multichannel telemetry systems. Many operators use expensive monitoring options to manage small to medium sized assets. Others forego monitoring because costs and licensing fees are prohibitive.

Public and private wastewater treatment facilities need to take advantage of new technologies when managing their assets. This is because monitoring is a key management tool. True Water has developed its TELEmi™ system for remote, real time monitoring. This simple tool allows operators to make informed decisions on scheduled and proactive maintenance.

Advanced maintenance software supports the telemetry system. Importantly, it keeps track of operation, componentry, and potential faults. True Water has an online portal that provides for day to day management and monitoring of each asset or site, including automatic data logging.

Employing a continuous monitoring platform such as TELEmi™ offers many benefits. It provides accurate, immediate, and real time information. The simplicity and cost effectiveness of TELEmi™ allows for high quality monitoring. This can be easily applied to small and medium scale assets, providing improved operational efficiency and compliance.

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