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Nanuku Clubhouse Sewage Treatment Upgraded in Fiji

The original sewage treatment infrastructure that serviced the Clubhouse at the Nanuku Resort in Fiji was no longer effective and needed to be upgraded. The new system had to be in line with the company’s ethos for enhancing and protecting the natural beauty of its locations. The replacement also needed to be achieved with minimal interruption to the busy luxury resort.

The wastewater treatment plant upgrade for the Nanuku Resort Clubhouse in Fiji was completed by local trades and onsite staff under the supervision of a True Water Australia technician.

Nanuku Resort and True Water

The Nanuku Auberge Resort is nestled in a lush tropical setting beside the ocean. With its luxurious facilities and infamous Fijian hospitality, it is the perfect place to relax. Behind the scenes of the tranquility are the practical underpinnings of any modern resort. True Water recently returned to Nanuku to upgrade some of the wastewater treatment infrastructure.

True Water’s relationship with Nanuku Auberge Resort began over a year ago. Our first task back then was to plan their upgrade works and complete the first stage. This included installing eleven small commercial wastewater systems. These systems service the luxury villas around the grounds. We returned this year to upgrade the system servicing the resort’s clubhouse. The small units worked well for the spaced out villas.  However, the clubhouse needed something different.


Meeting the Challenges of Installing in the Pacific

Installing a wastewater system in Fiji isn’t as simple as you would think. The tropical and coastal location provide environmental challenges. The resort’ s high standards also mean only the best will do. We worked together with Nanuku Auberge to come up with the best possible option and a faultless plan. The low laying land beside the coast also has a high water table. This often means salty and damp conditions. Any solution also had to blend in seamlessly with the beauty of the resort.

Protecting the lush plant life and the environment is also important. Fragile and stunning coral reefs sit beneath the surface just offshore. Polluted water can very easily damage corals and reef ecosystems. Luckily, we could guarantee this would not happen.

The True Water team worked together with Nanuku Auberge and local contractors to complete the installation. We provided the expert knowledge while the local team had good trade knowledge and an understanding of local conditions. Together we installed a 10,000 litre Kubota HC-Z wastewater treatment system. The Kubota supplied a larger treatment capacity for the growing resort. It also increased the treatment quality greatly and provided much better operational security. Installed in-ground, it blends in very well into the surroundings.

Modern Technology

The Kubota HC-Z is a very well designed and engineered commercial wastewater system. It evolved from the competitive and highly regulated Japanese marketplace. The sheer scale and size of the Japanese market allowed for Kubota to invest heavily in research & development. The result is a system that is deceptively simple yet highly effective. It provides excellent performance in a compact unit and has great reliability and longevity. It has many features that make it an ideal system for a resort in Fiji.

The modular Kubota Johkasou treatment system is shipped to site ready for installation.

As part of our work with Nanuku Auberge resort, we continue to provide training to local staff in the operation and maintenance of the wastewater systems. The Kubota systems have a very low maintenance requirement and the local team are learning quick. True Water are always available to answer any questions and visit Fiji regularly.

The Nanuku Auberge Resort now has a completely upgraded wastewater network. Guests will continue to enjoy themselves oblivious to those all important behind-the-scenes services. The resort has the confidence of low cost and robust operational security. Most importantly, the Kubota / True Water system will provide ongoing treatment to ensure the health and wellbeing of the surrounding community and environment.