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True Water updates Kubota STP Maintenance and Operation training

True Water's representatives travel to Japan to complete further training for Kubota STP Maintenance and Operation Certification

True Water Australia recently travelled to Japan for further training in Kubota STP Operation and Maintenance. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, our Works and Services Group Manager, Daniel Mahoney and Operations Manager, John Guyatt visited various sites around Japan. During a week of travel they inspected different Kubota Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) to further their technical knowledge.

The systems ranged from a 5kL treatment plants for retail businesses, to a 200kL linked system plant servicing a District Hospital. Daniel and John were accompanied by several Kubota specialists who have specific knowledge regarding Kubota manufacture, operation and maintenance. A Kubota Manager took part in the training to oversee both the training and travelling from site to site. True Water staff were able to polish their maintenance skills on all types of Kubota Sewage Treatment Plants (STP). They ran through the various steps in maintaining the systems and keeping them in peak operation.

True Water and Kubota

True Water use Kubota technology to design wastewater treatment solutions for the Australian and Pacific environment. The information sharing that takes place during these trips is an invaluable resource. As a result, True Water are always up to date with cutting edge, global technology. Both True Water and Kubota are dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions for our clients. This shared focus on quality is very apparent during meetings and training. Due to ongoing training, product development and project analysis, True Water can provide the best available technology and service in our field.

At True Water, we provide the very best sewage treatment solutions for our clients. This includes each system’s ongoing compliance and operation. As part of our company’s sustained growth and development, it is important to maintain the proper training and accreditation while continuing to develop our knowledge and skills.

Daniel Mahoney – Manager, Works & Services Group, True Water Australia


Kubota STP Operation and Maintenance Training Accreditation

At True Water we believe in providing a complete solution for your wastewater treatment needs. To achieve this the True Water team provides comprehensive consultancy, design, manufacturing and construction throughout the delivery of all projects. We follow up with ongoing operation assistance, keeping each sewage treatment system we provide is performing at its optimal level.

True Water are able to provide the highest quality service after handover of a project. This is achieved by keeping our staff’s training up to date in the operation and maintenance of Kubota STP systems. Our Service Technicians are highly qualified to conduct the scheduled servicing every quarter along with any other support that is required. We also provide training of on site personnel to assist in the day to day running of the system between services. This on site knowledge helps to keep our sewage treatment solutions operating at their best under changing conditions.

Kubota Jokhasou a Global Industry Leader in Sewage Treatment Systems

In 1890 Kubota’s founders began manufacturing water infrastructure equipment. They invested in creating superior products and technologies to assist the development of society. More than 120 years later Kubota is firmly established as an international leader in the water treatment industry. Kubota now provides advanced sewage treatment technologies to the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Central to Kubota’s success is their focus on research and development along with the continued endeavour to advance and improve their products. Kubota sewage treatment systems represent the most advanced technology available in the world today. Their treatment systems satisfy rigorous quality benchmarks and manufacturing standards guaranteeing quality, performance and longevity.

To learn more about the Kubota Jokhasou Corporation visit their website.

Exclusive Suppliers of Kubota Sewage Treatment Systems in Australia & the Pacific

Kubota systems are the ideal choice for high performance sewage treatment infrastructure projects in Australia. We combine their technology with our extensive knowledge of Australian regulations, environment and sewage to offer unbeatable services and solutions.

Regardless of your project’s location and challenges, our experienced Commercial Consultancy team can design a system for your needs.