Commercial Sewage News

Hera Mine Receives Glowing Report

The Hera Mine Project is located in Nymagee, with the site including an underground mine, ore processing facilities, an office/plant complex, a temporary workers accommodation camp and an onsite water supply project.

True Water Australia was engaged by YTC resources to prepare an onsite wastewater assessment and supply an on-site wastewater management system at the accommodation camp and site office/plant complexes.

Previous reports had nominated nutrient as a constraining factor on land application sizing, however, True Water Australia was able to provide advanced secondary treatment by Fuji Clean CE6000 treatment plants which achieve nutrient reduction. With reduced nutrient concentrations, land applications were sized for hydraulic loads to ensure adequate deep drainage and provide adequate moisture to green areas to assist with dust mitigation and provide visual amenity.

The Fuji Clean CE6000 system was chosen for the Hera Mine Project for its reliability, durability, high level of effluent treatment and minimal operation and maintenance costs.

Currently a cluster of three CE6000 units with loads balanced by a pre-treatment septic tank provide treatment for the accommodation camp. A single CE6000 unit provided treatment for the office/plant facilities. All systems are continuing to operate at a high standard.