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Toorbul Caravan Park STP Upgrade

Toorbul Caravan Park is owned and operated by the Moreton Bay Regional Council

True Water have recently completed the upgrade of the Toorbul Caravan Park sewage treatment plant. After an extensive evaluation process, Moreton Bay Regional Council awarded the Contract to True Water due to experience, value for money, and the ability to provide a solution which improved environmental outcomes for the Toorbul community.


Toorbul Caravan Park is located on Pumicestone Passage, approximately 60Kms North of Brisbane and is located close to highly sensitive ecologically important wetlands. The park offers short and long term accommodation with 45 caravan sites and 3 permanent cabins catering for up to 150 people during holidays.

The existing system was in a state of disrepair and was not meeting discharge limits set in the Environmental Approval. The tender specification nominated an improved level of treatment using a new sewage treatment plant disposing to irrigation along Toorbul foreshore.

Once the contract was awarded, True Water provided an alternative solution that minimised discharge area, decreased risk, and increased operational security. A large area of wetland and previously unused area was also revegetated as part of the new solution. The improved outcomes were achieved while providing a significant cost saving to the Council.

The decommissioning of old infrastructure and the remediation of the gravity sewer main have reduced flow volumes to the wastewater treatment system and eliminated stormwater ingress.


The solution True Water nominated for the Toorbul Caravan Park is a Kubota HCZ sewage treatment plant. The HCZ uses biological processing to efficiently treat wastewater to a high level cost effectively. Kubota are a Japanese manufacturer operating for more than 120 years. They are dedicated to research and development of quality sewage treatment solutions ensuring their treatment plants are reliable across decades of operation.

The new Kubota wastewater treatment system now meets the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection licensing conditions as well as the client’s operational objectives.