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Mining Camp Installation

Hera Mine at Nymagee New South Wales is one of the most remote mines in Australia.

The mine operator, YTC Resources, required a cost effective and scalable solution of the sewerage treatment for both the mine camp and mine office.

Importantly, as the mine grew and demand on the sewerage treatment increased, so would the sewerage treatment plant in both size and capacity. This ensured reduced capital and operational costs as the mine was established.

YTC Resources was so happy with the quality and application of True Water Australia’s staff that further works were requested on each visit of True Water Australia to the site. Further work included excavation, drainage & site surveying.


True Water Australia provided a treatment system which surpassed the required treatment quality standards. This ensured a trouble-free approval with a regulator focused on environmental outcomes.

The guarantee of long-term reliability and high quality water treatment standards gave True Water Australia the ability to reduce the size of the land application area by 80%. This 80% reduction of Land Application Area (LAA) size equated to significant capital and operational savings.

The primary financial benefit of improved water quality was in the massive reduction of the LAA size. The LAA was reduced from 15,000m2 to 3700m2 a Saving of 11300m2. Dependant on the installer, the irrigation system within a LAA costs $6 – $8/m2. Therefore the reduction represented a saving of between $68,000 – $90,000 for YTC Resources.

Solution for Mining Camp

The saving in LAA size has the additional benefit of reducing operating and servicing costs and extending the life cycle of all electrical components. The saving in power expenses alone by installing the True Water Australia Sewerage Treatment Plant is an estimated $5,000 – $6,000 per annum.

True Water Australia custom designed the system pump specifically for this particular project, tailoring its capabilities to the exact parameters required. In doing so, the system more than adequately fulfilled YTC Resources’ challenging requirements, industrial fittings and connectors also installed to adequately perform under the harsh climate in a highly remote area.

Pump systems are custom sized for the LAA so as to be more than sufficient for the application but, ensure minial operation cost and better management and operation outcomes. The system was manufactured tested and Quality Assured at True Water Australia’s warehouses, enabling a ‘plug and play’ solution once on site. The control box was required to be dust proof, waterproof and vandal proof, as accomplished by True Water Australia’s engineers.


All components of the entire plant were required to be secured for transport and the system was shipped to site and received in perfect working order, with True Water Australia providing the advanced sewerage treatment solution on time and below estimated cost.

The system design and quality will prolong the overall life of the treatment plant and the disposal area while minimizing costs, reducing power and ensuring the best environmental outcome. These factors set True Water Australia apart from other businesses, our finite attention to every detail both fulfilling and excelling in all project parameters to produce the very best possible solution – whatever the requirements.