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True Water launch new Kubota sewage treatment system at Lake Awoonga


Tour group inspects the main compound at the Lake Awoonga STP opening

The opening of a new sewage treatment system that will service existing infrastructure at Lake Awoonga is a significant achievement. The successful collaboration between True Water Australia, Kubota Corporation and the Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) has resulted in the installation of the latest world leading infrastructure to service the needs of the area.

The marked difference in the new system is its ability to sustain eco-friendly practices. This is achieved whilst maintaining maximum efficiency and economic viability. The True Water/Kubota partnership means that the end result of the treatment process is a quality unlike any other system.

Working together for the best project outcomes

Formed on the Boyne River, Lake Awoonga is located 30km from Gladstone in Central Queensland. The lake is owned and operated by the Gladstone Area Water Board. In addition, a network of delivery pipelines, water treatment plants and other bulk water distribution infrastructure aids in supply.

GAWB’s future forward and sustainable approach has provided the residents and visitors to Lake Awoonga with a sophisticated and  eco-friendly system. This system will benefit the environment for many years to come.

True Water Australia ‘s Managing Director, Jim Mahoney credits the success of the development to the professional relationship between the project’s key stakeholders.

“We credit the care taken by GAWB as it was a thorough process that ultimately sees the people of Gladstone receiving a system that will take them forward and enable the long- term sustainability of the lake.

We take extreme pride in our system and installation process. Working with the GAWB team was fantastic as they are innovative and open to finding solutions when challenges present themselves. Without the support each business provided the other, it just wouldn’t have been the successful development it is.”

Darren Barlow, CEO GAWB agrees, stating that the entire process was professional and satisfying.

“With due diligence and after a careful selection process, we appointed the project to True Water Australia. Their partnership as the Australian distributor for Kubota products, combined with their team’s knowledge and expertise in delivering sustainable and effective installations meant they were the right fit for our project.

We have a responsibility to deliver high quality infrastructure to the people of Gladstone, and we have achieved that.”

Red ribbon for an industry leading Sewage Treatment Plant

The official opening of the new Lake Awoonga treatment plant was attended by industry professionals, local government, consultants, engineers and project stakeholders. It was a unique opportunity to inspect the installed Kubota STP and the accompanying infrastructure. Guided tours of the site were conducted with the team from True Water available to answer questions and provide insight into the project delivery.

The CEO of Gladstone Area Water Board, Darren Barlow, and the Vice President of International Business for Kubota Johkasou, Mr Wataru Yokoyama, cut the red ribbon and officially declared the site open for inspection.

A pleasant morning of eating, drinking, learning and networking was conducted right next to the installed and operational sewage treatment plant. It was clearly demonstrated to all who were present that there was no odour and no noise to blight the occasion. The main compound is neat and unobtrusive with the majority of the STP located underground.

Visit our website to learn more about the project for the Gladstone Area Water Board’s Lake Awoonga Caravan Park sewage treatment plant designed and installed by True Water Australia.