Toorbul, QLD




Design and construct STP

Moreton Bay Regional Council awarded True Water the contract for the design and construction of a sewage management system after a thorough tender evaluation process. Toorbul Caravan Park is located within 100m of Pumicestone passage, a sensitive waterway which flows directly into Moreton bay. A new wastewater management system was required when the existing system failed.

Key challenges faced were sensitive wetlands and waterways within close proximity, aging infrastructure allowing stormwater ingress to the capture network, and limited available area for the treatment system.

True Water decommissioned the existing treatment plant and undertook remediation works for the capture network eliminating stormwater infiltration. A 20kL Kubota HCZ sewage treatment plant was delivered and installed with discharge via an engineered effluent management zone. The application method reduced the area required for the effluent dispersal and allowed for the implementation of environmental buffers and extensive revegetation within the available area and budget.


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